Oct 20, 2009

Apple cake and a walk around Yokohama bay

I baked a big apple cake last Sunday.
I like cooking very much because I love eating.
Apple cake
It was too big for us, two persons, but we ate it in two days (* v *).

It was beautiful day, so we went for a walk.

Then, we took 100 yen (1 dollar) bus to Yamashita park, in front of Yokohama bay.
Yokohama, Yamashita park
It was really beautiful day.

Yokohama, Yamashita park
People were enjoying in their own way.

I wanted to go to this park because there was a Indian festival.
Indian festival
He is a bard and his song was very impressive.

Indian festival
I also wanted to eat some Indian foods. I love naan.
Indian curry and Naan
This dish was delicious. We ate one more curry (* v *)!!!!!

It was a beautiful day.
Marine tower

After we enjoyed a lot, we came back home by 100 yen bus again, and then I got back to my work.

I made these pincushions after the walk. Aren't they cute?
Leather bottom pincushions
It's very easy to make them, so I took some pictures while I was making them. I'll post it, please wait for a while (* v *)!!!!
Leather bottom pincushion

Oh, someone asked me where I got these leather pieces or leather tools. I got them in a Japanese online shop and a craft shop near my house.
In Japan, there are lots of online shops that sell craft tools/materials. It's very convenient and cheaper than real shops. For example, I got some fabrics in 4 dollars per meter today(All are beautiful Japanese cotton and Japanese cotton/linen blend fabrics).
I like to go to real shops also, but they are more expensive and don't have so many things.
But most(almost all) of Japanese shops have only Japanese pages and don't ship internationally. That's a shame.

How about in your country?


Anna said...

I love the pincushions, beautiful!

celine said...

beautiful pincushions ..... as always. can't wait for your tutorials.
btw your apple cake looks yummy delicious too. any chance you will share the recipe?

Mitsoukotte said...

Ohhh !!!Mai, this is so cute !!!! I love everything you create and I visit your blog everyday.
Wonderful, inspiring blog to me !!!
I wish we had so many online craft shops and also real craft shops here in France, we have some though, but japanese fabric remains quite expensive, it is the cutest anyways.I certainly cannot find cute japanese cotton fabric, leather and stuff to do rubber stamps in my city, I have to order online.I had to order a carving tool and rubber from an online shop in the States, because I want to try myself at rubber stamps carving.
Do you handsew everything ? I do not know how to use a sewing machine.....I want to learn someday.Anyways congrats for your great blog and thanks for sharing !
Greetings from France, Virginie

FullertonRegan said...

Hey Mai! I love your blog and I love your generosity with sharing all your ideas and tutorials.

I'm from the states, and I'd say that with few exceptions, it's cheaper to go into a store & buy the items. I find that it's the shipping costs that make things so expensive, and if shipping is cheap you have to buy a lot of fabric first. It's interesting to hear that it's so different in Japan.

Sending you hugs & kisses from Southern California, USA.

Graka said...

beautiful pincushions you made it! here in Mexico,we have real shops more than online, in fact there are a few online shops but in the capital city you find everything to do crafts like fabrics (sadly I can't find japanese fabrics)and so on. Is very expensive order things in other countries O_O

Pam said...

I have a friend who sells furniture. she gives me the old leather samples. the pieces are about 4"x6". all different colors & textures. i have been saving them, not knowing quite how to use them... now I have a lot of good ideas from Mairuru!

Lina said...

ahhw the pincushions are so sweet :3 like most of your ideas ;)
I don't really shop online, i always have to touch the fabrics to feel them, you know ;)

Greetings from Germany <33

fleur said...

In France, online shops are mostly ugly and bad quality fabrics (except for some specialised shops), so I use to buy abroad...

AnaMaria said...

Mai, I just love your pincushions, they are sooo cute! That apple cake sure does look good! Would love to have the recipe.
I really enjoy your blog! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day you had! The pincushions look so lovely :) I sometimes feel that I'm living in the wrong country and wished that more Japanese fabrics and tools were available to me ):

Thanks for a beautiful and inspiring post :)

Gra said...

I am so amazed at your creativity....and jealous too!!!!!! With just a tiny little piece of leather or fabric you come up with original and beautiful ideas. Like others, I LOVE your blog. I started handsewing after I visited your blog (I don´t have a machine either and never really used a needle before). Thanks for being such a great teacher and generous person. Sending you spring flowers and hugs from Argentina,


Anonymous said...

As always Mai, you're done it again... lovely and thanks for sharing
Good day and good working to you
Mena :)

Donna said...

Around where I live there are quite a few craft shops with good supplies, although some things I need to buy online. I don't have that many great fabric stores near me so I buy fabric, especially colored linen and Japanese fabric online. I can find Japanese fabric in several onlne stores in the US where the shipping isn't that expensive. I did find one store in Japan, Fabric Tales, that ships to the US and their shipping is very reasonable.

Leonor said...

In Spain there's no fabrics with this kind of patterns (for expample, like japanese ones, with cute little drawings) so if you want to buy it you have to do via Internet... Online shops like http://www.nuno-plus.com/ are very popular.

Núr said...

They're extremely sweet! :)

Antonella said...

riesci anche a leggere un po d'italiano?
Una tua ammiratrice Italiana che ha una figlia che ama il Giappone

Kathy said...

I always make the effort to shop in a real store when I can, even though the online stores have much more variety and sometimes better prices. If we pass by our local fabric stores they won't be able to stay in business, and then we'll never have the opportunity to touch our fabrics before we buy them. I decide what I want, look for it in local stores, and only buy it online if I can't find it there. And I never visit an independent fabric store without buying something.
I love your blog. So many cute, original ideas.

Sam said...

I found a nice Etsy shop, This and That from Japan, which ships all over the world. It's hard to get Japanese fabric here in Australia, and I do a lot of my fabric shopping online.

I really enjoy your blog!

The Yum Chef said...


mairuru said...

Hello The Yum Chef,
I get fabrics from some online shops and the shops around my apartment.
My favorite sites are,,,
I hope you can find some fabrics there.

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