Nov 25, 2009

My days with my family

My parents cat
In these four days, I stayed with my family to celebrate my niece's two years birthday and my mother's 60th birthday(But she hasn't got 60 years old yet).
For my niece's birthday, we had a party with our handmade sushi and two big cakes what my younger sister(she is the mother) made.
Birthday decoration

We also went to see colored trees in the daytime.
Drive to Gifu, Korankei
It was beautiful and my niece enjoyed it very much.

I and my mother found a beautiful shop of dyed clothes and bags.
A shop of dye goods
It was an old house and we liked the displays.
A shop of dye goods
We like seeing this kind of shop.

The following day, we went to Wakayama, it's 300 km far from my parent's house. We went there for my mother's celebration, but actually it's for my niece.
We went to a big zoo and saw many kinds of animals.
My niece enjoyed it a lot.
In a zoo, baby polar bear.
This bear was only 1 month old.
We also saw two baby Pandas.
In a zoo, baby Panda
They born on the same day as the polar bear's birthday, but they already are big.
We especially enjoyed the show of dolphins.
In a zoo, dolphines
My niece liked it very much and was excited at the hotel.
She jumped in the bed again and again, and didn't fall asleep at all.
My father and my brother played with her till late night.

The second day, we went to a famous beach with the beautiful white sand.
Shirarahama, in Wakayama

Shirarahama, in Wakayama
It was really beautiful.

We also enjoyed shopping at a fish market.
Fish market

It was a short trip but we enjoyed it so much.
After two days trip, we came back to my parent's house. Two cats were waiting for us.
My parents cat
My parents cat
Usually they are doing freely, but this night, they wanted to stay near my mother. They like her the best and they missed her.

Oh, I took some pictures of my works when I was young.
My quilt, about 20 years ago...
My mother puts them in her living room for years.
My quilt, about 20 years ago...
I like this house patchwork one.
My quilt, about 20 years ago...
I think this is the oldest one. I made them when I was high school student maybe.
They are not so well made, but I'm happy my mother still keeps them.

Yesterday I came back to Yokohama.
I stay with my boyfriend like the cats with my mother (* v *)!!!!


Wynn Tan said...

i wish to go to japan soon again after seeing all the beautiful pictures you have taken!

Unknown said...

Breathtaking photos of Japan scenery!

Chrissy said...

What lovely photos of a wonderful family time. It looks like you had a great time.

I love the photos of your early patchwork.

Núr said...

It's much better than my patchwork!! I'm still a beginner and my works don't look as beautiful as yours! I like especially the blue one with those fabric envelopes for papers and stuff! :D


Bendito Colibrí said...

hola, gracias por compartir tan bellas fotografias de tu momento familiar, me encantaron los pandas...
cariños mil...

Grace said...

I love reading your blog, you are so talented. I especially like your last quilt, it is so pretty. I love your stories of Japan - I stopped in Tokyo in August and liked what I saw. However, we were in transit for a day to Washington DC so didn't get to see more. My children tried eating shabu shabu and loved it.

Gracie "Neky White" said...

I want to go to japan ¡_¡ , is really beautiful!
oh, and meanwhile, can you write something about sachiko embroidery? pretty please? I like it so much

Helena said...

What a wonderfull time, isn'nt it?
I think the works you did are wonderfull!

Faye said...

thank you for sharing your trip and your handwork! you're so talented!!! I have a few pieces of quilting and embroidery that I've kept from my school days too!

Laura Laurent said...

"I stay with my boyfriend like the cats with my mother (* v *)!!!! "

you are so kawaii Mai!

Cookie Cutter said...

Happy birthday to Miu :) You made those amazing quilts when you were only in high school?! They are lovely! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous photos of Japan.

jacqueline said...

Mia, thanks for sharing your days with us. All the photos are soo gorgeous and i wish, i want to visit you someday. I love everything you share with us from the walks to the parks to the shops! :D Your quilt is sooo! Have a lovely merry happy day and a wonderful thanksgiving! Thank you so much for being an inspiration! Love to yoU!

julie said...

Thank you for sharing your family days with us. I am happy you enjoyed your self. I am glad you could go to their celebrations.
Your early patchwork is beautiful. Your mother is very proud of your work to keep it still. Your boyfriend is very happy for you to be home.

Gra said...

I love to read about life in Japan lived by a japanese person. Those are beautiful places you show us and I love the way you write about everything. THank you.

susan said...

such a lovely sounding trip. i would love to see that shop. how nice that your mother keeps your early patchwork up and around the house. they are so pretty

Jimenaam87 said...

Beautiful! i want to go to japan too. to that beach!! :D

Isadora said...

Adorable photos, all of them, as usual!

Grasshopper said...

subarashii, ne!
thanks for sharing bits of your charming life.

risca said...

Such a beautiful patchwork blanket!

Are you using sewing machine or by hand?

Can you share some tutorial how make it?

Regards from Indonesia!

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Anonymous said...

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