Nov 17, 2009

What I like...

Red sky from my room
I like walking.
Yesterday, I found beautiful red sky from our window. I took the picture and then went out with my boyfriend only to see the sky well. We also met Bo-chan during our walk.

I like cooking.
I usually cook twice a day, for lunch and dinner. These were what I cooked for yesterday's dinner.
My boyfriend likes grilled fish especially. I also made Sashimi for him.
aroid and calamari
I also made this dish of aroid and calamari. These Japanese dishes are healthy because they don't have any oil. We ate them with cooked rice and a salad.

I like eating too.
fried rice with egg
I especially like eating my dishes (* v *)!!!! I made this dish for today's lunch and I liked it very much. This is fried rice with eggs.

I like using my hands.
Hand carved stamp for new year card
The day before yesterday, I hand carved a stamp for my new year card.
And yesterday, I made these cat quilts.
I like flower cat, mini quilt
I'm always thinking of what I make next, and it's really fun for me.

I like drawing.
My memo pad
I always have some pieces of paper(most of them are recycled ones) and pens. I usually draw some design. I have small memo pad for when I go outside. When I take trains, I see other passenger's bags or clothes, and if I find something cute, I draw it.
Oh, I like seeing other person's works. Yesterday I found a site of a pattern shop Japanese.
SONGBELL gallery

Here are lots of their customer's works.

I like studying.
These days I study English and Chinese. But my passion changes soon so I studied about economy in summer, and about child care last spring (* v *).
And I love reading books very much.

I enjoy everyday life.
I feel I'm really happy because I can do everything I want.
Thank you very much for everyone who helps me. Thank you very much for everyone who read this blog and give me comments.
And thank you Bo-chan!


Gingini said...

Mairuru you always make me smile! :)
I love the things you make, I love your English, I love the things you write about.
Thank you fot making me happy. :)

kate said...

and I L-I-K-E reading your blog - you make me smile so much!

Isadora said...

Thank you for another inspiring post!
It's not just your crafts that inspire us, it's your photos and your words, and your simple way of enjoying life!

Katie Lewis said...

You live in such a beautiful place! And I always enjoy reading your blog. Although I constantly find myself feeling jealous that you always have such cute fabrics to work with. :)

Gra said...

How nice being able to say "I´m happy". You make us happy just by sharing your crafts, your thoughts and feelings with us. I don´t like to see "virtual relationships" (I´m not talking about love relationships, just relationships) as a potential danger. Sometimes it is and as a mother I must teach that to my kids. But for me, I find these connections really nice. I call them "soul relationships". Most of us will never meet, but on the road of life we share so many beautiful things. Sometimes we don´t even share them with people who are close to us, but we do with someone who lives on the other side of the planet.
Thank you Mairuru!

Susan said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you.

Gracie said...

thanks to you too!! you're a very inspirational person and your blog conveys more than ideas... feelings and taste for simple things, that's priceless!
I hope you'll continue to share with us much longer ^o^
(sorry for my english jejej)

Karin van Dam said...

Your meals look delicious. I can imagine you like eating them :-)

ilovebabyquilts said...

Enjoyed your post very much!

sandra said...

I discover your blog three month ago, and now I visit it every day. I love your works, your posts and your english. I understand all you explain. Thanks for your generosity. I try to copy some of your handmade pieces, and I enjoy making max-mix of them. Thanks mairuru. s)

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...


Hello ,mai:
I love your crafts ,blog,ideas.
I like to read , too.I am nerd.

I am making sarubobos of your pattern.They look scary to me.

Unknown said...

It's great reading you!

sheppy said...

thank you very much for your generosity in sharing your life and world with us, I feel very privileged and inspired to know you just through your words and photos.

helena said...

I see you've got a lot of interests. That's great. I'm a teacher and i dont have very much free time but a like to do a lot of things like you.

finger thumb said...

It is definitely a gift to be able to do everything you want! Treasure that :)

mairuru said...

Thank you very much everyone.
Most of time I'm in our room with my boyfriend and I don't meet other people usually. But I don't feel alone because of you all (* v *)!!!
I cannot reply you all but always I enjoy your blogs.
Thank you very much again!

Cookie Cutter said...

This is such a heart-warming post. Thanks for sharing. And you're making me crave for home-cooked Japanese food!

Diana Morgendorffer said...

I like reading your blog, since I found it, it´s been like adiction. I love the things you do, there are so beautiful.
Greetings from Mexico

jacqueline said...

Mai, this wonderful post made me smile coz i could relate to so many of the things you like. I just received my carving tools for stamp carving...i am looking forward to craft something from that cute little rubber you sent me a while ago! :) Your new quilts and new stamps are sooo gorgeous. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Coochies & All said...

Reading your blogs never fail to make me smile and I definitely love this post about your life. You not only inspire me with sewing, you also inspire me on how to live my life and appreciate the things around. Thank you so much for that! :)
elaine t

iru said...

you've got such a lovely blog.i love reading all your posts=)

julie said...

"what I like".....I like you Mai.
I like to read your posts.
I like the way you share your love of craft and life with us.
I like the way you fill your days learning other languages.
I like the way you look at your surroundings and see beauty.
I like the way you share your crafts with us.
I like the way you love your boyfriend and family and share a little of them with us.
I like the way you make me happy.
THANK YOU Mai. We are blessed to have you in this world.

muiee said...

Hi Mai, I like how you are able to appreciate simple things in life and able to find contentment and joy in them :)

Yun Hui Kelsey said...

You are simply amazing! I really enjoy looking at the things you make, they are so beautiful. You're good at so many things! :)

celine said...

love your blog and am sooo jealious of your creativity (haha!).

your english is different but very unique, so genuine in expressing your feelings ....

keep your good work my friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to tell you that I feel a certain "closeness" to you
I love your blog
You inspire me

Keep it up

Your friend Mena :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a frenchgranma,live in Paris .This afternoon i carved 2 cats found in a japanese book.I made a sarubobo for my daughter in Chicago.I bought the same fabric from Swany(itwas made south of France)about 20 years ago !!and did'nt succeed with your origami book...the end of it .Thank you for your blog.Y.S

Anonymous said...

going through your older posts ,about stamps .You might like to know that there is a new product,I found it in the states :Reusable cling sheet"tack'n peel" made by Tsukineko.You can use it with wooden or acrylic blocks .A little expensive but great.Y.S

Claudine C. said...

I found your blog by accident looking for plushie patterns. I am so happy that I have found you! You have really inspired me and made me think of so many ways to make my life more beautiful.

Thank you!

Magda said...

Hey mai,I've been ollowing your blog for quite a while,and I LOVE it! I'd like to ask you permission for one thing, so if you could get in touch I would really apreciate it!

Diana Trout {} said...

I like reading your blog and am glad you like to sew. I especially like to get packages from Japan! It is my favorite present to myself.

CraftinessbyB said...

I only discovered your blog today Dec 26th 2009. I absolutely love yoru original craft ideas. I too am always in my craft room making something. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who goes from sewing to crocheting in a single week *laugh* I also have an Etsy shop. Do you sell much on yours? Here is my shop I hope to hear back from you!

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