Jun 23, 2010

Zipper pouch and rug

Petit gifts for my friends
Some people asked me about the patterns what I used for my previous post.
One is from kokka.
They have lots of cute patterns.

And the other one is from this blog.
The pattern is this PDF.
Please print it out in 200% scale.

I'm sorry they both are written in Japanese only...

These days I couldn't work so hard because of the heat, humidity and my big  belly. My tomato moves a lot and now weigh approx. 3.7 pounds (1700g) now.
Zipper pouch for diapers
I made a pouch to bring her diapers.
This is from a famous pattern in Japan.
Zipper pouch for diapers
I made one several years ago for my sister and liked the pattern.
At the bottom of this page, you can see the "START" button to see the how-to and the link to download the how-to and pattern.

I also made a small rug for my bath room with fabrics.
I ripped some fabrics into long strip and crocheted it. My hands got tired after the work but I liked it very much.

These are petit gifts for my friends from high school.
They are very simple and easy to make. I enjoyed choose the leather and fabrics thinking of them (* v *)!!!
Petit gifts for my friends
Petit gifts for my friends


Tiia said...

Nice to see you after little pause.
And all good till ya and till tomato.
Greetings from Finland, it has rained whole summer but today we can enjoy from sunshine and so on :3

Looking forward to hearing you soon!

Keren Gillan said...

Dear Mai , the rag it beautiful , it is so good that one can make its own things for own home ,im happy to read that tomatto is growing my close girlfriend gave birth today at 2am baby girl .
i wish you all the best ...

spiced*candy(: said...

ohmygosh thankyou thankyou for putting up the links for the patterns ^^ I've been wanting to make a pouch like that for ages! & it gives me more motivation to learn japanese!! ありがとう!!:) all the best for you & your lil tomato! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mai, take good rest ok? Your baby is growing. Thanks for your new craft ideas.
All the best
Mena :)

Amy said...

What a pretty diaper bag! I love the little pouches. I like the rug you made too. You are very clever. It is really hot here in Virginia too. Tomato is going to have lots of pretty things made by Mommy. :)


Anonymous said...

That is lovely work, as always Mai!

Hope you are able to get as much rest as possible!

Unknown said...

hola !!!

gracias por el tutorial :D, soy Vicky te escribi hace tiempo, te mando saludos !!!

Victoria said...

I really like the little embroderie motif , since i star reading your blog i find a lot of inspiration. Thanks and be healthy¡¡¡

Anonymous said...

Dear Mai,
the pouch is simply wonderful! I love it! You put such a lot of care and love in whatever you do, one can see it from your pictures!
Have a nice day with tomato! ^__^

The Yum Chef said...




Renee said...

Mai, love that zipper bag. My 2 1/2 year old has one like it only manufactured as a men's bathroom travel bag. He's been carrying it with his dipaers since he was about 14 months old. He carries it like a suitcase. You little Tomato will love that. And now I've got the pattern in case my boy wears his out then I can make another. ~Renee

Thuraya Lynn said...

These are just awesome! Nice to see you working hard with Tomato!

Keep going strong!

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