Feb 19, 2010

How to make a simple square baby bib

Square bib
This is only a square with a pair of snaps.
It's too easy but I write here a little bit of tutorial. Please try it!

You need only a pattern of 10 inches square. This pattern includes 0.5 inches allowance.
How to make a square bib 1

And you need two pieces of fabrics as the pattern. It would be better if you have two different fabrics.

Then sew them together leaving an opening to turn it out. I sewed it with half back stitch to make it sturdy.
How to make a square bib 2

At a corner, I put a piece of cotton string (4 inches length).
How to make a square bib 3

Put it like the picture and sew it again and again.
How to make a square bib 4

Before turn it out, cut every corner in bias to make the corner sharp.
How to make a square bib 5

Turn it out and close the opening.
How to make a square bib 6

I hand stitched with Sashiko embroidery thread to decorate it.
How to make a square bib 7

Put a pair of snaps (or velcro) at the corner with the string and the opposing corner.
How to make a square bib 8

It's all! You can use it reversible.
And you can use it as a hanky too.
Square bib

I made two of them and today sent them to my sister. These are for her second baby.
bibs for my sister's second baby

I also made a pair of slippers for her first girl, my little niece, with her favorite character.
Anpanman slippers
Anpanman slippers

These days I'm pretty good in the morning so I can sew for several hours.
I'm not so good in the evening but sewing time makes me happier than before (* v *).

Thank you very much for your comments. I like reading them to my Tomato.


Karin van Dam said...

These bibs are so lovely again. I love the fabrics you choose. Especially the inside of the little slippers, gorgeous! Congratulations with your sister's baby!

Anne said...

Your stitching projects are always so lovely!! This little bib is no exception!

I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Unknown said...

These are lovely. I especially love your pins--so fun. Thank you for sharing your work.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty. I'm inspired to sew when time permits. I bought quite a lot of materials (cotton), and felt. Must try small things first
Congratulations to your sis

Katie Lewis said...

These bibs are wonderful! Thank you for the tutorial! And those slippers are simply adorable! Will you please please please give us a tutorial on how to make those?

P.S. Dear tomato, you are so lucky have such a talented mom!

evie said...

the anpanman is very kawaii!!!

thank you very much for your tutorial!!..and take care!

victoria_雨言 said...

i am so happy for you and you family!!!!

yesterday night i went to the hospital with my friend and she had her babies!!!!A boy and a girl!!!i was so lucky to be there and see the babies when they came out of the room!!!there are so cute!!!!

i am going to make some of the tutorials for the babies!!!!

I am so happy you are feeling better right now, my friend wasn't feeling quite good the firsts two months of her pregnacy but then she could do normal life and even work for a few months!!!

good luck with everything!!!!
huge kisses from spain

CraftinessbyB said...

Hello Mai! I wanted to mention to you I have talked about your blog on my own blog! I wrote about your 'quilted string pouch' on my B blog - I have already made 2 pouches! Thank you again for sharing your craft intructions with everyone :)

handmadecreativity said...

Hi Mairuru... congratulations for your new baby (tomato?).
You make very wonderful things... I linked your blog in my blog. Do you want to visit it? Leave a comment...
I will be so happy for your visit.
Bye bye, Taced

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

I hope you are feeling better.
It's beautiful what you do.

I invite you to my

I will be happy to have your visit.
best wishes

Keren Gillan said...

dear may the slippers you made are uniqe and very lovely !she is going to love them for sure i did !
keep enjoing your mornings ,kiss for growing tommato .

girlnamedruby said...

i love the anpanman slippers. can you make a tutorial for the slippers. I want to make myself one for the house.

congrats on getting married

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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