Mar 22, 2010

How to make arm covers

Arm covers
I'm still thinking of the name. If the name "arm cover" doesn't sound strange for English speakers, I'll name it "arm cover" like Japanese.
Arm covers

It's easy to make them so please try it!

You need only two pieces of fabrics(for inside and outside) of the size 16 inches x 6.75 inches(40cm x 17cm). The shorter length is the length of the arm cover.
This includes 0.25 inches(5mm) of allowances.
And you'll put two pieces of elastics (7.5 inches, 19cm) at two places. See the picture.
How to make arm covers, 1

I'm sorry I made only the half width pattern. You'll put the elastics at 0.25 inches and 2.5 inches(6.5cm) from the bottom. You sew the four line at the top and bottom of the shaded area.

Then if you want to decorate the fabrics, do it now. I stitched with Sashiko thread at approx. 1 inches from the upper elastic.
How to make arm covers, 2

Then put two pieces of the fabrics facing right sides and sew the side which you put the elastic.
How to make arm covers, 3

Mark the places to put the elastics in, on the inside fabric. The first one is 0.5 inches(1cm), the second is 2.25(6cm) inches, and the last one is 2.75 inches(7cm) from the sewed line. I marked it with yellow pencil at the allowance.
How to make arm covers, 4

Fold it in two and sew shorter sides together, leaving the places to put the elastics(two places !!).
How to make arm covers, 5
How to make arm covers, 6

If you want to add loops to hung it, put a piece of lace or string at the sewed line like the picture.
How to make arm covers, 8

Fold at 0.25 inches (5mm) of the other edges of both fabrics and iron them.
How to make arm covers, 7

Turn it out and put the folded edges together.
How to make arm covers, 9

And sew them together.
How to make arm covers, 10

Then sew the three lines to put the elastics. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures... In my case, I find the places to put the elastics in, mark the lines with a pen which can be erased afterward and sew them.

At last put the elastics of 7.5 inches or your size from the spaces, sewed each edges well and close the spaces.
How to make arm covers, 11

That's all!!!!
Arm covers

If you find any problems, please leave a comment or write me.

This weekend a new store opened near my apartment. It's a branch of big craft shop "Yuzawaya". I'm really happy to have it near me.

But it was too crowded today so I could get only these fabrics pieces...
Fabrics, Yuzawaya

Maybe in several days I go there again to get more fabrics for my Tomato (* v *)!

We're looking for your new apartment to live with Tomato, but I don't want to move from here... It's too expensive to live in bigger room here but it's too convenient...

This is me at a restaurant seeing the leaflet of Yuzawaya.
But my husband said no to this picture,,, he said to put this picture instead..

This is Ramen what we ate there. Delicious (* v *)!!!!

See you (* v *)!


Chrissy said...

In English I would probably call them sleeve protectors. Yours are so pretty.

Summer said...

hi,mai and tomato!!!
i htink this is the first time i see ur face.u are pretty and very sincere.i enjoy to read ur blog everyday.i log in to read ur blog everyday.if there is no new article,even those old articles,i read them again and again....

i like to send u some of my works inspired by u,but i dun know how u feel about it??!

at last,take care,mai and tomato!!!xx

deros said...

both photos is cute:)))

Lavinia said...

Hi Mai! thanks for the arm protector step-by-step. Lovely photos!!!

Raquel from J.C. said...

Mai the problem with arm covers in english is that if you google "arm covers"you find only covers for chairs and sofas. Anyway, thank you for the tutorial. Yesterday I was frying meatballs and needed desperately a pair!!!! I'll sew a pair pretty soon.
Thank you again, you are really nice and sweet.

Evelyn said...

Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorial. I am going to look through my fabrics to see what I can use to make my own!

I agree with Summer -- is that your first photo of yourself that you've posted? You're so cute! That 2nd picture is so funny.

Hope that the apartment search goes well. I've never enjoyed moving, but I do like new places!

Tami said...

dear dear mai! i love so much to read and see the things you write and do. i tried to do the pot holders but it wasn't a big success... but now i have a request to you. my daughter (mika) is so much in the "japan" things now. you know, "manga" and such :-). and for some time she asks me for "ramen" which you just ate in the picture... maybe you have a recept that you can recomand? i don't want to be too long. so meanwhile thanks, and go on doing such nice things!! tami

Amy said...

Mai, You are adorable! Those fabrics are so cute. I can't wait to see what you will make for your little Tomato. Thank you so much for posting your tutorials. You are so talented. Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Dear Mai! Is the first time I see your face!! you're so beautiful!! XD Thank you so much for the tutorial n__n

Katie Lewis said...

It is so fun to see pictures of you! (Especially the second one.)

Cerejeira said...

Hi May!
I really enjoy reading ypur blog it sounds so original and candid,
I really like that.
Thanks for the generosity.
Enjoy spring,

Amanda Sheridan said...

How about calling them sleeve protectors?

Previously Pants said...

Translated from Dutch into English I would call them Sleeve Protectors as well. I used to have them as a kid, with a little apron. I wore them whenever I was painting, or playing with clay or other messy stuff and of course when helping my mother or grand mother make a mess in the kitchen. But my sleeve protectors were no where near as cute as yours.
I discoverd you blog recently and am enjoying it very much. Good luck with the apartent hunt and of course with your little tomato!!

Unknown said...

Hi again!

Lovely photos...It´s nice to meet you after reading you so many times.
Of course your fabrics are as nice as usual. I imagine your city plenty of fabric shops...
See you, have a nice day.

silvia said...

The second picture is great!!! You are adorable Mai, so nice to see your face, how's tomato? The tutorial is lovely too, so many nice fabrics.

Miss Pelicano said...

So great to see your face! Those "arm covers" lok great! As someone else had already suggested, I think it was "Raquel from Florida", the name COOKING SLEEVES could be better than arm covers. What do you think?

sharon said...

I have just recently found you. I enjoy you, your tomato :)& your creativity so much. I will make are covers for me & my daughter & daugher-in-law. How clever & useful. I had a "duh" moment, cause I had never thought of them.Like arm aprons!

Sandra said...

Can't remember I've ever seen pic of you! You are glowing with Tomato!
Love arm cover/sleeve protector ... and they would be totally worthy for my sleeves!

Cathy F. said...

Hi Mai, so good to finally see your face after reading your blog again and again. I can tell you are a very kind-hearted person.

I hope you, tomato and daddy Haru are doing well.


Pikku Possu said...

Thank you for the tutorial, I'm going to make these for myself and for my sister also :)

I vote for the name "cooking sleeves", I think it's the best one and really tells what these are ment for

Jumping Mango said...

Mai!!! Thanks for the tutorial!! Can't believe I asked for it, and it's here within a week!! Thanks so much!!!

Love your pic, so cute!! I think it's the first time you post a pic of yours!! ^^

Apartment search is certainly painful!! ganbatte ne!

Anonymous said...

Haru picks good photos. ^^

Hana Zaini said...

You're so cute!!!!!
I bet Tomato we'll be as cute as the Mommy.

bimbi said...

hi Mai,
thank you for the tutorial & your pictures. it's always good to put a face in a name :)
cute hugs for Tomato & rgds to ur husband

Maya Kuzman said...

Dear Mai, as always, I immensely enjoyed your tutorial. And I am in love with the latest addition to your fabric stash!
Lovely photos!

SaraswatiChB said...

Finally we get to see your pretty face. How sweet of you. Thanks also for the email and the tutorial. The ramen looked yummy.

julie said...

Mai, thanks for the tutorial on the sleeve protectors. The photos of you are lovely. It is nice to put a beautiful face to you. Your husband is right...the second photo is the best. You are just gorgeous. How lucky for you to have the new shop open closeby. Tomato will be the best dressed baby ever.

Becky said...

haha. So cute. Lucky Tomato is going to have two very loving and very funny parents.

I wish I could go fabric shopping with you. you find such pretty fabrics.

"Arm covers" or "sleeve protectors" - doesn't matter to me. Thank you for the tutorial!

Clare Wassermann said...

ive really enjoyed discovering your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mai, I finally get to see what you look like ... :) thank you.
Hahahaha ... I agree with hubby, I like the 2nd photo ;)

take care and love the new arm covers

Mena :)

Alex said...

I wish you good luck with your apartment search! Moving is stressful, but I'm sure you'll enjoy your new place soon!


Tininha said...

Great tutorial, thanks!

It's very nice to see you, you're pretty!

jamiefisher said...

Mai you are so pretty!! Such a great mama you will be! Thanks for all the posts--I enjoy them very much!

Victoria said...

I really envy the amount of fabrics you find , here it´s a litlle dificult find de colour or pattern you want.
Funny photos *v*

Anonymous said...

Kawaii!! (you are!) :-)

Carol & Eddy said...

I love your blog and all you lovely tutorials. I love your simple words. And very happy to hear about tomato :-)

Gra said...

Thanks for the tutorial. You are a genious! I am glad to see your face after such a long time reading your blog. Now we can all picture you sewing, or walking. You are very pretty and look a lot younger than I thought you were. I love the fabrics you bought

RheLynn said...

I really like your fabrics you found at the craft store! I agree both photos are cute and your arm covers are very very pretty with delicate stitches. said...

That is so darling! I've never seen anything like this before but I *love* it! How pretty. Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

Jo said...

Hey Mai, thanks for the tutorial!!

I've made one - although I made a mistake>< Please have a look at it here^^

jeen said...

I think maybe arm warmers?

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