May 19, 2010

Hello again!

Cute yellow flower
Hello everyone! We are doing very well.
I'm still busy to set our new apartment, but I enjoy it very much.

And I also began preparing for the delivery.
Okurumi (blanket)
I made this blanket for Tomato. The inside is soft cotton double gauze.
I still don't know whether Tomato is she or he. So most of things for Tomato is in yellow...

I made the baby sling and some little gauze hankies too.
Baby sling and hankies

I also sewed 28 cotton diapers in Japanese traditional style. They are very simple and easy to sew. I hope I could use them well...

Now I'm making a baby quilt and some more things. During setting our new rooms, I enjoy sewing very much (* v *).

These days, I also enjoyed some contacts with some friends.
I got a beautiful package from the U.S. She made me a beautiful scarf. I love it very much (* v *).
Beautiful hand knitted scarf

She also sent me this beautiful pajama for Tomato. It's so cute!
Pajama for Tomato
I also met a woman from the U.S. She came to Japan for her daughter's first baby. We went to Kamakura and enjoyed shopping at Kamakura SWANY.

I'm very happy to contact with you. Thank you very much (* v *)!!!!

I sew and post little by little. See you!


angelica said...

I am glad to see you again! I am a brasiliam woman. My english is not good, so I can't speek with you a lot

Unknown said...

Great to know you& little Tomato are doing well! :D

Laura said...

Happy to see you're writing again!!
You're so clever in sewing!!!
I want to learn it and become as good as you!!
Greetings from Italy!

Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

hello mai, i'm so happy to hear from you again :-)
and i am happy that you are happy and enjoying yourself. take good care of yourself and i look forward to hear from you more often.

Helena said...

Hi there. Glad to know you're fine. I understand how busy you are! Kisses from Portugal.

Cerejeira said...

Ohh.... is nice to have you back !!!!
I have 3 friends who are pregnant at the moment so I will be making nice things for babys to.
Come back soon.....pleeease!

Victoria said...

Welcome back¡¡¡

thebeautifulpig said...

oh wow mai! it's good to read something from you after a long time...! the blanket is so cute.. :) i'm sure Tomato will like it.
Take care!

Laurie Scicluna said...

Yay your posting again! I found your blog several months ago and LOVED It and so I have been very anxious to see when you would post again!! I absolutely LOVE all the things you make and am attempting a poject at the moment. Hopefully it works out!

Tininha said...

Hei, happy you're back! Good to see you are fine!! :)

Unknown said...

Your blanket looks so beautiful. Nice to have you posting again!

* Ninotschka * said...

Hello, good to see you. Hope you are doing well! I love the beautiful things you made for tomato and I love the happy yellow colour. My baby is due next week so I think I will spent the remaining time sewing for the little one. I just cannot stop.

kariwhite said...

Good to "see" you again!

Is there a way we could see the traditional diapers? Or another site or book you could refer us to?

Thanks :)

Joan's Good Life said...

Welcome back Mai! I believe we've all missed hearing from you. At least, I know I have!! ;-)
I'm glad to hear all is well with you and your little family and the move went well. And I'm especially glad you posted more of your wonderful sewing items. I enjoy seeing all the clever things you make and you are SO fast at sewing by hand! You're amazing! Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

I've been checking your site almost every day. I was so happy to see your post! I'm glad you like your new home. I loved seeing the pretty things you have made for Tomato. I am very glad that you and your husband and Tomato are doing well. Hope you are having a nice day. :)

saranya said...

Nice to hear from you again!!!!
I've opened your blog everyday!
Your blog is one of the most delightful thing in my daily life now.....My country + My city is on FIRE....hope you know where I am.

Greeting from the former land of smile.....

Evelyn said...

Hello Mai,

Glad the move went well and you're settling into your new home!

I agree -- the baby blanket is darling. I love yellow!

I looked up more on Japanese cloth diapers...they're different than European-styled diapers, but I haven't found a pattern or picture. Would you be kind enough to show us what they look like?

Thanks + welcome back :o)

Donna said...

It's good to see you posting again! Little Tomato must be getting pretty big 8-) When I was pregnant with my daughters we waited until they were born to find out if they were boys or girls, so I made lots of green clothing and blankets.

Unknown said...

Hi MaiMai,

I'm so happy you posted.
Your sewing always surprise me!!


Unknown said...
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Marina said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back. Your Tomato sewing is all so sweet!

Keren Gillan said...

SO Happy that you are back on line and that all is well with noth of you ,hope your new home will be just as you wish for it to be , and yes it takes time to persenolize it ... thanks for the shere of new projects ,take care

Núr said...

Nice to hear from you again! I imagine you must be so busy with all the arrengements for the baby coming and the setling in the new home! It's great that you still have some time for sewing! Very beautiful presents you got from your friends! Congrats!

the nest said...

Mai, it's so nice to hear from you! I've been wondering about Tomato, and your progress. So many sweet preparations filled with love. :)

MadScientistK said...

I love the yellow! I am expecting my second baby any day now and I also made some cloth diapers for her. I would love to see your traditional Japanese diapers.

Sasha said...

i'm so happy you're back! i really enjoy reading your blog, and all your work is so beautiful. could you post pictures of the diapers? i can't believe you made sew so fast!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Mai! It's good to hear that you and your little family are doing well. I'm so happy to see you again, I've missed your posts very much.

I've been reading through your archives while you were away (Last night I started making a furoshiki, by hand!) and I am even more impressed by your talent. You make beautiful things. Tomato is lucky to have such a mama.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I am also very interested in the diapers you've made.

Gracie "Neky White" said...

I'm SO HAPPY you're fine!!! I missed you so much ¡_¡
I hope you can write more often cuz I love your blog
Hugs ♥

Unknown said...

Welcome back. Good to hear that you are all doing well.

Love the sewing you have done.
Take care

Raquel from J.C. said...

Welcome back!
Good to know you are doing great.

Chicken Willow said...

Glad to see you post again and to hear that you are well. All that yellow looks wonderful. xx

Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said...

hi mai,really miss you :)

qltmom9 said...

Glad you are back posting.
I would love to see the diapers you made.
Your yellows are GORGEOUS.


Ali said...

Hi mai! Good to hear you are doing well! The blanket for Tomato is beautiful! It's been lovely to read all about your preparation for the arrival of your baby. And now I have my own 'tomato' due in December I can be inspired by the beautiful baby things you make :)

Agnes said...

Hi Mai
Good to see you are posting again. The blanket is so cute!!
It is good you hear you are doing great and getting ready for welcoming your little Tomato. You may find out pretty soon if its a boy or a girl. I found out that my baby is a girl when I was 20 weeks (4 and a half months)pregnant.
All the best wishes
Agnes from Poland

FibreJoy said...

So happy to see you here again Mai!

I wish all goes well settling down into your new place, and that you and Tomato are doing well.

Cheers from Toronto


Unknown said...

Hi Mai!!
I'm very happy to read you again. Although I knew you were moving, the last days I´ve been checking your blog everyday... waiting for your comeback...
Wellcome back and happy day for you and "your family" :-)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back, Mai.


Doris said...

Hi! It's so good to hear from you again... I love the things you are making for tomato :-))

Gra said...

Hey!!!! You are back!!!! It is party time for us who follow you!!!! You have made beautiful things for little Tomato!! We certainly hope to see more, so please don´t disapear again!!! I have opened a blog, so you are invited to come visit. There is a translator on the upper right corner. Greetings from Argentina!!

Maya Kuzman said...

Oh Mai welcome back! I've missed your blog so much, however I am happy to hear everything's well and that you are settled!
I am still waiting for your reply on my e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon,

Pingkan Anita D. said...

Hello again Mai, I'm glad to read your blog.

Unknown said...

5/09/2010 4:28 PM
FINA said...

Hello Mairuru,
first of all congratulations for the coming baby.
We want to thank your for the bright ideas you have and also for your great generosity in sharing all your knowledge.
We are two Spanish young ladies of over 60 and one of our daughters, this one is young, more or less your age. We are great fans of you and we really enjoy putting into practice many of your creations.
Another time we'll send you some pictures of what we have been doing thanks to you.
That's all for today but we'll be in touch with you again.
We also like the way you keep us informed of what you do at weekends!
We liked vey much the pictures of the cherries in blossom.
Love from
Fina and Rosa and Sandra
5/20/2010 4:29 PM

Joli et Simple said...
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BUSIR said...

Welcome back!I've been checking your site nearly every day.from Paris France Y.S

handmadecreativity said...

Hi Mairuru, I'm so happy to read your post... by, taced

Susuko said...

I´m happy to hear that all is o.k.!
I missed you here in blogland,
take care of you and tomato,
Susuko from Berlin, Germany.

Unknown said...

Welcome back Mai,
we are glad to hear you are well and ready for the baby.
I'm Rosa from Barcelona and I am really thankful for all the ideas you share so generously with all of us.

quiltygal said...

Welcome back missed you glad you are all well especially little tomato...

Jackie said...

Hello!its nice to meet you again.
Greetings from Kenya in Africa.
can you share on how to make the traditional japanese cotton diapers? i would very much like to know.

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks for writing again. All the best to you and husband for safe delivery of baby.
Lovely things you've made for baby.
Your friend
Mena :)

tiia said...

Wonderful to see that you are OK and your lil' tomato too!
I'm eager to see what you have next on your sewing list :)
Greetings from pretty cold Finland, only like 8 degrees today, last week it was 26..
Take care!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Mai, so happy to see you back and knowing that you are alright and everything is well!! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mai! I just sent you an invitation to an art swap! I hope you like it!

♥, Camila

SaraswatiChB said...

Oh, we've missed you for sure. Good luck with the delivery. The things you made look like the baby will feel very happy and welcome.

handmade concept said...

I do love your blog!
Full of so many lovely things.



Becky said...

Welcome back Mai! You can read here how you have been so missed.

The new things for Tomato are wonderful. Glad to read that you are all settling in to your new home. Looking forward to more soon!