Jul 20, 2010

Beautiful gifts and a baby blanket

These days I got some beautiful gifts from other countries.
One is a beautiful rebozo from a customer in the U.S. It's a beautiful fabric to carry a baby.
I'm learning how to use it watching youtube video.

A package from Macedonia
And I got a beautiful package from Macedonia. The parcel is decorated with beautiful flower printed fabric pieces (* v *).
A package from Macedonia
I found beautiful scarves, bird shaped toy and a beautiful card.
A package from Macedonia
I love the patterns on the scarves. They are so cute.
I'm thinking how I use these beautiful scarves. I'd like to use them for my Tomato.

I'm too happy to get such beautiful things from people who I met through this blog and my shop. All I can do is to continue this blog and my shop as long as possible.
Thank you very much again (* v *)!!!!

Blanket for my baby
These days it's too hot and I cannot work a lot. But I made a cotton blanket for my Tomato. It's made out of Japanese cotton double gauze and it's so soft and light.
Blanket for my baby

I'll be 10th months pregnant next week. I had almost no trouble till now (* v *).
But when I went out for a walk in the very hot afternoon(2 hours walk), I felt sick. It was too hard for me...
After that I go for a shopping in the early morning or evening.

I enjoy the last month of pregnancy with my big belly.
See you (* v *)!!!!
Blanket for my baby


Anonymous said...

Wow Mai, wonderful to have friends who care for you.
All the best with baby

Mena :)

tamara said...

Although they're gifts to you, they make me happy, too. Love the colours of that rebozo and your blanket! Also the "10th" month always makes me smiling, since we count only nine (calendar) months. Time is running! Kiotsukete kudasai. tamara

Grace @ WhimsyLoft dot com said...

Hello Mai, time really fly very fast! You are now in your 10th month and soon we can all see tomato! Yay! :D Take good care..


Núr said...

Ok! Great Daiki + Tamara told about these "10 months" you said! Here we count only 9 months (well, actually it is counted per weeks...), but anyway! I understood it's almost the time for Tomato to come!

Such nice gifts! Hope you enjoy them! :D

Marina said...

I'm glad you're taking good care of yourself. Tomato will be so comfortable in all her lovingly made things. The next month will seem so strange and special for you three. Congratulations Mai!

Alhana said...

Such wonderful gifts from all around the world! Enjoy your last month of pregnancy and take care.

Kim from Milwaukee said...

Mai, I'm glad you're doing well in your final month of pregnancy. Please stay as comfortable as possible and don't overwork yourself, dear one.

Blessings on you and your family!!!

Kyoko said...


Kyoko said...
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Fatticus Finch said...

Congratulations for you and your Tomato! I hope we get to see pictures soon! Those scarves are totally beautiful and seem so fitting for your style and personality too. Enjoy your final month of pregnancy! You, your husband, and definitely your baby Tomato will be in my prayers!

kariwhite said...

Hard to believe it's been 10 months already! It seems like just yesterday you told us all you were expecting your tomato. :)

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your gifts. They're beautiful!

Papgena Made It said...

As we say in portugal, I wish you '1 hora pequenina!' (a small hour)
- to wish a quick delivery!

julie said...

Beautiful gifts you and Tomato received. The baby blankets will wrap her in lots of love.
You must rest and only take small walks...20mins..in the heat.

Knofje said...

Good luck with your last weeks of pregnancy! Those are some great gifts; love the blue scarf above!

Maya Kuzman said...

I am so glad you like them! Thank you for sharing! You are going to meet Tomato soon! Those are the most memorable and exciting moments! I wish you a quick and easy delivery!

Alice Strange said...

What an inspiring site. Best wishes

Lucy said...

A very sweet blanket.kawaii desu.

Claudia/Ompompali said...

Look Mai, what I found today!!! A link to a pattern for a baby's cap called Baby Tomato Cap. Well, of course I immediately thought of you and your baby tomato - I hope you enjoy the link! http://crochetingcrab.blogspot.com/2010/04/baby-tomato-newborn-cap.html

Wishing you, your baby and your man all the best! Greetings from Germany

Thuraya Lynn said...

Very thoughtful of internation friends to send you gifts!

My regards to you, Mai san and Tomato chan.

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