Feb 2, 2012

Enjoy sewing!

Happy New Year!
We are doing fine. Miyu is 1 year and 5 months now and likes playing outside if it's very cold. She still cannot stand up by herself but she likes stairs very much.

She tries them everyday and sometimes falls down... I love her back style (* v *)!!!!
Miyu likes stairs

Here are some fur items I made for her.
One is this bag. It has a cat face pocket because she likes cats very much.
Miyu's new bag
I made it with Miyu's friend's mother. She didn't sew at all before we met but now she likes sewing for her little. I'm happy to teach sewing to other mothers.
Miyu's new bag

I made some hair clips too. They're so easy to make. I just put my favorite buttons, ribbons and Sashiko stitches.
hair clips

I made my leg warmers too. They makes me very hot and comfortable.
My leg warmers

Today I got some fleece fabric and I'll teach other mothers the way of sewing them.
I begin small sewing classes for mothers (at no charge (* v *)!!) twice a month.
I hope more people enjoy sewing for themselves and their family.
In this cold season, hand craft is best. Isn't it?
Miyu eating strawberries


thebeautifulpig said...

she is getting bigger & cuter! :)

i hope to join your "sewing class" i really want to learn more about hand sewing but unfortunately I live in Oslo... it's way too far from Japan haha

Larissa Holland said...

Oh, wow, Miyu is the CUTEST girl baby! Love her eyes. And her pigtails. She's getting so big! Loving all the cute things you are making her.

Alita said...

hoo i remember when i saw your blog when you where pregnat.. i remember you called her "tomato" now she is so pretty and big.

Jirachi said...

It's so sweet of you to teach other mothers to craft ;w; I love Miyu! She's so cute <3

Anonymous said...

She's so beautiful- so much that it's unfair! God bless her eyes, her cheeks and her family!

Gra said...

Miyu is such a pretty girl!!!
What a nice thing to teach other moms to sew. You are very sweet.

Mila@Rimbun said...

sweet lil girl..
You are so kind hearted, making a free sewing class to all mothers. Sometimes satisfaction beyond cash n dollar reward right.

kenturu mama said...

All of your works are so cute!
Please teach me the way of sewing.
I'm just a beginner,though...

Ashley said...

Your little girl is so beautiful! I really love seeing all the different things you sew! I'm so glad I found your blog. :-)

woodenspade said...

your little girl is getting so big! I love the kitty purse you made her!


Anonymous said...

Miyu is so cute! It's a good thing I don't live in Japan or I might just move in with you guys so I can stare at her all day! (And I love the kitty purse you made for her. I would totally carry that myself.)

As always, it's good to hear from you Mai, and to see pictures of your beautiful sewing and adorable little girl. It's so kind of you to teach others how to sew. I wish I could come for some lessons too, but America is a little too far away. =^^=

Re-atelier said...

She is beautiful
And growing so fast.
all the best!!1

Sou Nai Nai said...

Hi Mai, good to see you "back" online. Miyu has grown up so much, she is so adorable! Wish I live near you so I could also attend your sewing class...
ps: thanks for your "sewing" tips and ideas, I go to your blog whenever I need sewing tips! ;=0]]

Chikako said...

Where is the play space in the first photo? I would like to go there with my daughter.
Your hand made goods looks so nice.
I hope my daughter Kurumi and Mayu-chan play together again!

Alex said...



tekadix said...

Miyu is so cute. I love her face. I wish I could join your sewing class ^-^

Happy new year ^-^

Helena said...

Mairuru, your daughter looks great. Kisses.

Anonymous said...

I really wish to be one of your friends! I love you so much, you taught me many things with your blog even without be aware.

Ethan said...

OH MY GOSH, she's so big now!!! I've been a longtime lurker (I remember looking at your blog back when she was still a Tomato in your stomach) but it's been a while since I had a look! The thing's you've made are as cute as ever! And so is she <3

CraftinessbyB said...

Hello Mia! I wanted to write you and mention - I shared a link to you blog on my own for a friendly 'award' for fellow bloggers. It will be up shortly, so please stop by and view it :) じゃ {bye!}

Eva said...

hello my name is Eva and I wrote an email recently and have received no reply guess Miyu gives a lot of work, I'm from Canary Islands, Spain and in my email I asked you for a few purses as cats and whales, I love your blog and how not to write in English it is translated with google pardon my expression.

Anonymous said...

Very nice to read about your life today, Mai. You are generous to teach others your craft.
Miyu is a lovely little girl. I have only 1 daughter and she's 24 now.

your friend
Mena from Malaysia

Lisa said...

Your creations are wonderful and your little girl too.

Unknown said...

Hi Mairuru,

Excellent pieces of handwork. i found a link on making paper bags in your blog. I wanted to make few goody bags on my kid's birthday. Nice to meet a person like you making things at home :-) your kid is lucky...

Cat said...

I have just found your blog for the first time through pinterest,and have put you on my blogroll.You write in a lovely way.What a lucky girl to have such a creative and loving mum!From Cat

Sparkle and Co said...

She's so cute!!!

jimena.am said...

She's beautiful! and she's so big now! congratulations!

Engineering Services and Solutions said...

Interesting blog you have here. I have added it to my site and will check back often! Best Wishes

Sparkle and Co said...

Japan is too far, I wish you were my teacher!

rikki colacurcio said...

thank you so much for so openly sharing/documenting your work...i just finished making my first oragami drawstring bag...it was so fun! I made it with old t-shirt fabric--no worries about raw edges! It came out very nice even though i didn't measure perfectly! I will check back often.

Nicole said...

I LOVE your blog and will try your button training toy on my 20 month old.

fialka012 said...


yellow star said...

You're really blessed having a beautiful daughter like her. And thanks for all of the tutorial in your blog. And if you don't mind, I mention your name in my blog. Thanks

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