Apr 20, 2012

Handomade toys

I live a busy life with Miyu. Everyday we go out and play with our friends.
Miyu is 1 year and 8 months now, but still cannot walk by herself (' v ').

After she falls asleep, I sometimes sew by her side.
These are toys for her.

This is a puzzle. I made it with a kit. I enjoyed painting it with Miyu and her friends.

We also painted on blocks. Miyu helped me to rasp them.

Miyu likes trains and plays with these trains everyday.

These are button training toys. I put her favorite characters on them.

This is an octopus. Two of her friends like them and I made two other ocutopuses for them.

Last night I made felt sandwitches. I need only one hour for them all.

The breads are very easy. I cut a piece of square and cut it in half for two pieces of bread. Then fold it in half and sew the outlines. Then put a corner inside and make the triangle shape. So you can put your favorite items in it.

Last weekend I got a Japanese sewing pattern book with cute patterns of girl's outfits.

I'm making a vest of the cover. Isn't it so cute?

Miyu likes me.

And she loves Haru very much.
He plays with her everyday even if he is very tired.

When Haru was taking her pictures,,,
She tried to put the cap...

See you!!!!


Kaatje1010 said...

she's really lovely... I totally had to laugh when I saw the picture of your husband asleep with Miyu playing...
Lovely toys you've made together with her....

Cecilia said...

Miyu is sooo sweet! I like the toys you have made.

Cecilia from Hungary

Jasie VanGesen said...

She has grown SO MUCH! I started reading your blog when she was still just a tomato. ;) Those toys are also adorable.

And don't worry about her not walking yet, my son (who is now almost 11 years old) didn't walk until he was a year and a half old and now he won't sit still. She'll get up and run across the room when she feels like it.

Sparkle and Co said...

So cute! I shared it on Pinterest! Have a nice weekend ;)

Victoria said...

Nice pics ¡¡¡ The Button toy it´s a great idea .I´m thinking in make some of then for my friend´s babys ... (^.^)

Maila said...

So many lovely toys! Your Miyu is so much like my little boy Koit, he is also 1 year and 8 month:) Itś just the facial expressions she has...so cute. I have been reading your blog for a year and I really like it. Greetings from Estonia.

Riality Studios said...

Miyu is so cute! I love seeing all the pictures of her, and all the things you (and she) make!

I love the idea of button toys. That would be really good to help small children learn how to handle buttons on their own. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi!! Miyu is growing really a lot!! I like watching all the things you sew for her!
I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!:)


Anonymous said...

I love it when you describe what you do. You enjoy your family life, well done! Miyu is such a joy.
Thanks for sharing
Your friend in Malaysia

Browndirtcottage said...

Aaahhh....how sweet is she!!!!

pay per head said...

hey guys that,s really amazing posts...

neli araujo said...

I just love your blog and the posts you write!

I love to read about your little baby girl and the things you create for her! You're such a sweet and thoughtful mom!

Neli from Brazil

helena frontini said...

What a wonderful familly! Congratulations, I see your joy.

Liar in the room said...

u wer the one who made me love blogs. I waited for ur tomato to come when u wer waiting.I recently made a blog. I would really like u to go through it.love ur blog and tomato as usual...

Jessica said...

We were pregnant around the same time (I think your little one was a month earlier than my boy) and I love checking in to see how much she's grown! My little one was well into his 20th month before he could simply walk right beside me. He's now practicing 'running' - too funny!

tita said...

dear miu, watashi wa tita desu.
(that's the only Japanese words I know :p)
I really love your blog. thanks for sharing. really waiting for your update(s)!

Anonymous said...

Miyu is a joy to watch! She is sweet, beautiful and so lovely. You can tell she really enjoys playing and being with her friends!

I love to see that you keep on making things for her to treasure. Such a thoughtful mum you are!

Love from Toronto

Anonymous said...

No news... I hope Miyu and you are in good health.
Take care, sincerely yours
Jesa from France

french bedroom furniture said...

Appreciation for the post, It is a great pleasure for me to visit your blog and to enjoy your excellent posts here

Sundays Child said...

I just realized that your little tomato is now two years old? Can this be possible? :-)

Julie Andrea from Canada

Karl said...

She is a beauty. My daughter is also 1 year and 10 months, but it is growing smaller

Caca said...

I love your blog and the crafts you made.

NewBorn Baby Care said...

A lot of lovely playthings! Your own Miyu is really similar to my small child Koit, he could be also one year and eight 30 days: ) Itś only the facial expression this wounderful woman has... therefore cute. I have already been reading through your blog for any year and that i enjoy this. Miyu keeps growing really a whole lot!! I love watching everything a person sew on her!

Annina-Riusa e Crea said...

Beautiful ideas!!! I like handmade toys too! I would be happy that you saw my pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/riusaecrea/giocattoli-artigianali-eco-compatibili-hand-made-g/ and leave your comments! Your little girl is gorgeous, I've a little girl too: she is 33 months old and her name is Margherita :-))

Swati said...

I hope you and your family are not affected by the new earthquake.

Cartas a Si said...

Hi. I heard about a new earthquake, I hope you and your family are safe and well. Please, if possible post something here in your blog just for us to know you are ok.

Unknown said...

Hi dear Mairuru, how are you? Please whrite something in your blog. Hope you and your family doing well.
Hugs, Natalie from Ukraine

Anonymous said...

I had a daughter that did not walk wish I had got her checked earlier.
Please please take this in the faith that it is writen. Looking back on things I was so in love with my beautiful girl I did not see what was in front of my eyes.
I am sure all will be well for you but please get her checked.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you Mai and family

Wishing you a very happy new year 2013

How have you been? I hope your family is well. I miss hearing from you.

take care

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I like the idea of the button. It will be very good to help children learn how to deal with their own button. :)

marta said...

Mairuru, whera are you? Give as any word.

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Ali said...

How beautiful Miyu is! She is about the same age as my youngest daughter is :) I miss your posts and seeing your wonderful crafts, I hope you are all very well and enjoying your life together as a family. Ali xxx

Nilgün Komar said...

dear mairuru
where are you?
I hope you're

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