Oct 7, 2013

T-shrits embellishing ideas

Last week I got her two T-shirts and embellished one of them for the Halloween event.

She was very delighted with it because she likes Jack-o'-Lantern very much. She puts it on whenever she finds it washed.

At the back I put a big bow.

Today I put a cup shaped pocket on the other one.

She likes orange juice so I made the straw in orange.


At the back I put big candies because she likes candies very much.

I enjoy sewing items for Miyu and happily she likes them. But sometimes she asks me to make something I cannot make. She wants batteries for my husband bicycle, a new chair, new games etc... She believes I can make everything (* v *). I'm a very happy mother.


tana50 said...

Such cute little shirts! You are very creative.

Erika said...

Cute shirts! I'm very glad you have started to post again!

Alhana said...

Those shirts are very pretty. Miyu must be a happy daughter too and proud of her mom! ^^

Alex said...




Nilgün Komar said...

ıts all very nice

Unknown said...

I'm very happy to hear from you again. Very nice projects!

Anonymous said...

It is so lovely to see you posting again. I really did miss reading your blog. I love to read your blog and see what you have made. You always make such lovely things.

I look forward to reading you again soon!

128 cretusta

Anonymous said...

I've been checking on you and am very happy to see you back again. Your sewing is very inspiring.

take care