Nov 5, 2013


Last night I made Miyu a pair of new leggings.
It's from a Japanese pattern book.

Mainichi kiru onnanoko fuku

It has lots of cute patterns for girls.
It took only an hour for me to sew it. It's quite simple and good pattern.

She likes my handmade clothings and often asks me to sew her ones.

For Halloween, I made her a cape.
Her request was the "3", because she's three years old.
She is so comfortable in it and wears it almost everyday with a small ghost brooch (* v *).

At a Halloween party, she put it and a cap (I put a face of her favorite Jack-o'-Lantern).
She walked around and got lots of candies.

We enjoyed Halloween very much this year.
When I was a girl, the event isn't so popular in Japan and I didn't know it.
Now, it's very popular and we could enjoy some events. So Miyu could get lots of candies (* v *).


shams said...

So sweet! I love her leggings and her Halloween costume!

Sara said...

Miyu looks lovely in her leggings. I love the Halloween cape too. My mum used to make me lots of things too and I loved to wear them. Many of them were handstitched too.

I also liked to my clothes for my daughter. Especially pretty party dresses.

Alhana said...

Your daughter looks lovely in her leggings and cape. I would like to wear a cape like hers too!

marta said...

I is so good to see you again! Miyu is sweet girl.

Anonymous said...

I was so surprised that you finished sewing leggings in one hour.You are a wonderful dressmaker.

Miyu chan looks so cute in that clothes of Halloween!

amy said...

Adorable! Isn't Halloween great?

Expat Mom said...

Wow. I read your blog back when you were pregnant with Miyu and after she was born, but lost touch. I just found you again by accident and was surprised to see how big your baby is! She's a lovely little girl. :)

harada57 said...
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