Apr 17, 2017

I'm sorry I couldn't post for such a long time.
I and my family are doing very well.
Now my daughter is 6 years old and my son is 2 years old.
They both are very cute but for them I couldn't have enough time to sew.

For my daughter's school I made some hankies of cotton double gauze. But some od  her skirts have no pockets, I put straps for them.
I also put a tie , so when she put her hankie on her skirt, she can fold it like a ribbon. She can use her hankie as a charm.

I'm going to post as much as possible when I sew new items.
Thanks for reading my poor English.


fabi said...

Glad to see you back!!! Your kids are super cute!!! Love your handmade work.

Cheers! Fabi.-

minna said...

Welcome back!

Unknown said...

Your work is beautiful.

thia said...

Welcome back! :) Your kids are so cute.
Looking forward to see more from you again ...

Elizabeth said...

Dear Mairuru, I am so glad to see you and your family are well. Do post whenever you have time, your ideas are lovely.

Sherry Xie said...

Welcome back! Cute kids and beautiful work!

ruthsplace said...

Lovely to see you posting again, and your children are adorable.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your children are so lovely. I always appreciate your creativity and talent. Hope to see more from you whenever you have time.


Regina said...

WOW! I can't believe how big your "little" ones are now. Those hankie ties are genius.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mai, what a lovely surprise. I have been checking in so many times. I am so happy to see Miyu all grown and so pretty. Good to know you have a son now. I have been checking to see what is happening. Thank you for coming back. I look forward to follow your blog. I love all your handiwork. You inspire me.

Philomena Peterson

Kris said...

I'm so happy you're back and that you and your family are doing well. I'm always looking forward to your posts. Can't wait for more!

Erika said...

Welcome back, I've always enjoyed reading your blog posts!

Stephanie said...

Dear Mai
How wonderful to see you back. I have been missing your blog. You are an inspiration for me ever since I found your blog. of course you have not much time to work and pos with two babies, but I'm looking forwarn to every new post.

Unknown said...

Dear Mai. I have looked and looked. I thought you did a tutorial for making the cat eating a fish purse? Thanks, Patti

Anonymous said...

Hello Mai,
I just sent you an e-mail, with a photo of my siblings with my late mum. I want to sew some small items for Miyu and brother (his name please?). I asked for your address (if you don't mind).
I used to sign off as 'Mena' (short form form Philomena).

You are an inspiration to me.
take care
Philomena Peterson

Raquel from J.C. said...

hey! you are back! good to see you again, post whenever you want, we're always here!

lorrwill said...

Your English is great. I can understand you. Thank you very much to posting in English or I would be completely lost. You make such adorable things.

Virginie Menzildjian said...

So good to see you again Mairuru, I have missed reading your posts ! I love your blog and the beautiful and simple things you sew ! It is very inspirational to me !
Hugs !

Nilg√ľn Komar said...

I've waited so long
I'm glad you're good
miu is very grown
I read the letters immediately

lovely ♥