Mar 3, 2008

Cat IPOD mini case

Today I made a case of my IPOD mini. It's a cat with a pocket.
Because I like cat, I'm making a lot of cat goods these days.
I live in a no pet allowed apartment but my parents live with two cats.
My parents lives very far from here, so I can see them several times a year.
I miss them very much.

The pocket is to put earphones in it.
It is fully lined with batting, to guard the IPOD.

At last, I made a tail of her.


cutfingerproductions said...

Oh Mai!I see you live in a no cats apartment! Sorry I asked, I didn't read this yet! I love the cat case super cute!!! Sorry about missing your parents cats......hopefully you'll get to have your own someday!!

mairuru said...

No problem! Near my apartment, many cats lives.
Thank you !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't have pets, but my youngest son wants one. Perhaps one day, when he's older and can take care of the cat himself ! Lovely cat case