Mar 26, 2008

French Seam

I like Korean patchwork "Pojagi".
But the fabrics which used in Pojagi are difficult to get, so I use my cottons.

To sew each patches, French seams are used. I like this method to sew because it doesn't need underlining so it can be sheer. Now, I'm making a curtain for the summer.

Yesterday, I made small patchworked cloth. I thought it was suit for cover basket or something. Then, my boyfriend said to me it was good for use as a furoshiki, wrapping cloth japanese.
It's a good idea.
So today, I made another big one. It's more useful as a furoshiki, because it can hold more items.

It can hold books, tissue box, bottles, etc...

Moreover, it can be used as a small bag.

Here are many instructions to wrap with furoshiki.
How to use Furoshiki


cutfingerproductions said...

HeLLO Mai, I am amazed you sewed these in one day by hand! I love patchwork very much. .I really like what you have made here! Nice work!

meyer said...

hey mairuru, your patchwork is beautiful! I always wondered if patchwork could be done without lining, so here's the answer... if I find the time I will try this, too. I love the way the patches are put together, and the colours.

mairuru said...

Hello cfp,
I can hand stitch all day long. Now, I don't have any job so I can enjoy it as much as I want.
I like this style of patchwork.

mairuru said...

Hello annie,
Thank you for your comment.
I learned it from the korean patchwork, "pojagi", it's very beautiful.
I like your soft house very much. I'd like to make a patchwork house someday.

Alexandra said...

Mai, your blog has left me so inspired (and made me put away my sewing machine)! I started looking into Pojagi more and found this website:
The method looks similar, but your instructions are way better!

JKiM Atelier said...

Hello Mairuru,

I enjoy pojagi too! So glad to see someone else talking about it. You're right, getting Korean fabric is difficult to get in the U.S. But you should be able to get it in Japan pretty easily! There are several small shops that specialize in pojagi making. Next time I go to Japan (or Korea) I plan to go to as many as I can. ^^

Keep on sewing!^^

Surya said...

None of your work don't look like it's hand stiched. All are done so beautifully and final outcome is so amaizing. You are gifted. I really wish I could do some.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully done. Must try it (yes I know I've been saying this so many times ..hahaha)
Very useful too. I love things that we can use for different purposes

James said...

Looks very simple, but it is very difficult :D

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african mango said...

Some nice work Mairuru!