May 1, 2008

Alligators and Bear cats and Giant tortoisesb

I traveled with my parents and my sister's family last weekend.
Only I live far from them, so we met at the middle of our places(About 300 km far from each city).
I went there by train, and they came there by car.

We stayed at an old japanese style hotel with hot spring.
The dinner was char-grill seafoods. They were gorgeous.

The room was tatami floored big room. We 5 adults and a baby slept in one room. It's japanese style!

This is the small bathroom in our room.

In the second day, we went to a park. There are a lot of alligators and bear cats.
The alligators are all sleeping in the morning. They didn't move at all.

Bear cats moved on trees. My little niece liked them.

And then, we met giant tortoises. One of them is more than 100 years old and more than 200 kg weight! We can touch them.
When a tortoise walked to my niece, my mother(She stayed far from us because she couldn't come close to tortoises) screamed that he eats her. My niece enjoyed them but my mother... couldn't. She doesn't like big animals.

We enjoyed the trip very much.


cutfingerproductions said...

Really neat! Loved this entry the most! Japanese style:)5 adults 1 baby together in a! Bear cats? never saw one before! Your grilled food looks divine!
Mai u are special! So interesting! Thanx!

Anonymous said...

Your niece is such a cutie!

mairuru said...

Bear cats are very interesting. Few years ago, there is a boom of them in japan.

Hi myazawasei, thank you!
If I can, I want to see her every day...

Anonymous said...

This is a lovely way to spend the holidays with family
It's especially happy for all as you don't live together.
Your niece is so sweet
I love the Japanese way of life

Anonymous said...

the bear cats look like red pandas! are they the same thing?