May 12, 2008

I sewed a coincase and a wallet for my travel

I want to look the coincase like a sandwich. I put red zipper as a slice of tomato, and green zipper as a leaf of lettuce.
The brown trim looks like bread crusts.

It was my boyfriend's idea, but I couldn't make it so good...
But it is good for use, so I bring it for my travel.

And I made the wallet because my usual wallet is a little bit heavy.
I looked up the size of dollar bills through the internet. The biggest japanese yen bill is bigger than dollar, so I made the wallet rather smaller.

These days, I cannot sew a lot because I have to prepare for my travel.
But today, I could sew for several hours and I'm really content!


Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a lovely trip! I just got back from the US myself! I just love the little travel items you are making. I hope that you will be able to sew on your trip. Maybe you will buy some fabrics too? I sure did.

mairuru said...

Hi ravenhill,
Thank you so much. Where did you go?
We are going to visit many cities.
I'll make little sewing case for my travel. And I'll bring some japanese kimono fabrics to make something there.
I wish I could find some good american fabrics that fits with my fabrics.

Anonymous said...

We flew into Boston and drove to Maine. We visited some small towns and Portland, ME and Portsmouth, NH.

I will be so excited to see what fabrics you fall for in the US that will go well with your Japanese kimono fabrics! Have you tried looking on-line to find fabrics to order or shops to visit?

Where will you visit?

mairuru said...

Hi Emily,
My favorite auther John Winslow Irving is from New Hampshire and hi wrote about Maine in some books. So, I want to visit there, but we began traveling in San Francisco, so it's too far from there, I think.
We are going to travel around California by car, then go to Wisconsin to visit my friends, and to Florida to see a launch of rocket. If we can go by car, we'd like to visit some small towns.

Oh,,, I wrote too long.
Thank you!

cutfingerproductions said...

Hi mai!! Jon and I love your sandwich zip pouch. Fun!! Your projects are always special.
See you soon!!

mairuru said...

Hi cfp, Thank you for you liked it!
I bring it when I come to your town.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mai:
I really like your sandwich wallet. I am excited for you to come to the US. It is a long way from San Francisco to Wisconsin, you will see many things. The rocket launch will be the best!

mairuru said...

Hi Eidie,
It's only 5 days left until our departure!
But we may not see the launch. The schedule has changed... I hope it changes again.
I want to see you and your family soon!!!!!

Surya said...

I loved that coincase. May be i'll try to make one. Oh! you inspire me. :)

Anonymous said...

I like this very much
You prepare things for yourself before your travels ...using all your creations is lovely