Jun 11, 2008

Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge

Last saturday, we went through the Golden gate bridge by bycicle.
I'm not good at cycling, so I was afraid of it. But it was really exciting and I liked it.
Here, in San Francisco, there are a lot of slopes in the town. So we had to ride up some steep hills. It was really hard for me so I had to take a rest many times.
It was really hot day. So I wanted to drink water a lot. But near the bridge, it costs more than 2 dollars for one small bottle. I didn't buy it...
The best sight for me is the coast I saw from the bridge. When I stopped my bycicle on the center of the bridge, strong wind blew continually. That scared me a little. But when I saw the white waves attacking the coast, I'm touched. It was beautiful.

Now, I had my scalp burned... because I didn't keep my hat on... I can't take shower directory on my head.

It became one of my good memory of San Francisco.

Oh, I ate a big tomato, in farmers market. It costed about 4 dollars, but it was really tasty!

I love tomatoes!


cutfingerproductions said...

Mai and Haru!! you both are sooo brave!!! Jon and I were watching for you to write. We were a bit worried about you!!!Glad you are doing well!!
Hope all is well in your communications class. That bridge does look scary!! I do not think I could stand on it!!!!
Thanks for showing us your sights, you know we love it!!! TA TA!!

Anonymous said...

Mai--be careful about tomatoes right now. I would not eat them. They are not safe, you could get sick. I see on the news some problems with tomatoes. I love the picture of you on the bridge!!! Keep us informed of your doings.

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

I have a fear of heights, don't see how you could bicycle across the bridge. Especially with the wind. Bet it was fun, though.
Do be careful with the tomatoes, only eat the small cherry type.
I had the food poisoning (I am in Texas) last week from the roma tomatoes. Yours were probably grown locally if they are in the Farmer's Market.
Love your posts,

mairuru said...

Hi Laura, Jon!
I'm sorry I cannot write a lot these days because our English lessons are really busy.
I'm enjoying here.
And I'm worrying about you because I saw the news of terrible weather near your city. I cannot understand these TV programs well, but are you O.K.?

mairuru said...

Hi eydie and ml!
Thank you for telling me. I read some articles about tomatoes from U.S.
I love them too much, so I ate them today, but I cooked them. I bought them in Whole Foods Market, They are selling tomatoes.
Next time, I buy cherry ones. I prefer cherry tomatoes.

Unknown said...

You guys are so adventurous! I love reading about your trips and fun that you are having. I am sure it must be incredibly exciting! What a big and luscious looking tomato!!! Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

we are okay. we posted pictures on our blog for you to see.

Anonymous said...

Wow .. lovely shots, thanks, Mai
Tomatoes have lots of vitamins