Jun 5, 2008

It's interesting our communication class!

Yesterday, the lessons started. It consists of writing/reading, grammar, and communication classes. I'm not so good at English, but I'm in the highest class in every lesson... Other students speak very well, so it's hard for me, but I'm trying to do my best.

In these 3 lessons, I like the communication class most. The teacher is originally from china, and he give us political theme to discuss with. Because students are from various countries, the discussion is very exciting. But,,, now, it's difficult for me to join the discussion in class time.
Because I have few vocabulary, I can't understand all during our lesson. I can understand their discussion when I come back to my hotel and I check some words in my dictionary.
But I'm learning now hard, so I think I can join them sooner or later!

Some words difficult for me are...
prophet, rudderless, absenteeism, apathetic,
The theme of yesterday was "Medium is a message, medium is a massage".

The picture above is our college. It was very foggy day the day before yesterday. It was awfully freezing!


Unknown said...

How I can relate to the struggle with learning a foreign language. When I first came to Norway I found it so hard to feel like such a child, not able to really express myself... You are doing wonderfully! I hope that you will meet some friendly Americans whom you can practice with. You could always exchange lessons: Japanese or sewing for English conversation. Another perfect way to practice language skills is to babysit...

Are you doing any stitching?

Alexandra said...

I had to look up rudderless, so don't feel bad!!
I went to Japan last year knowing only"kudasai" and "domo" (and no kanji...). I can't wait to go back. I'm using the Japanese101 podcasts.
Do you watch any TV here? Or you can try going to the many crafty shops in San Francisco. I'm sure they'd love to have conversations with you!

cutfingerproductions said...

mai, if your work on learning this language, is the same as your work
with hand stitch .i am sure you will be speaking english very soon.
i hope the weather warms up for you both. take care, jon

mairuru said...

Thank you everyone!
I'm enjoying learning English. My listening skill is not enough yet, I'm trying to speak with many persons. I'm trying to watch TV programs. I'll try to watch movie this weekend!

I want to try babysitting, but we have little time here,,, so I think it's difficult. I like babies, so I sometimes trying to laugh them with my funny face in the foodcourt!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Mai. You're really putting a great effort to improve you English. It's good, no worries.
My daughter is in the university taking up Bachelor of Communications.