Jul 31, 2008

Less is more.

I learned this word from a teacher in San Francisco.
I understood it as "If you live with Less things, the life is more precious".

My boyfriend is such a person.
He uses his TV for 16 years and his car for 15 years.
After when my computer has broken, he is using it only the part still usable.
Most of his T-shirts and socks have some holes, but he still wears them. Sometimes he sew them by himself.
He buy few things in his life. He uses all of his goods in a polite way.

I like his style, even though I like shopping. I'm trying to use things for long time, like him.

When we traveled around California, his father came to visit us.
He wanted to go to Las Vegas. But we didn't.
Because for us, it's not an attractive city. We don't like any gambles.
But he has already a ticket from Las Vegas to Japan, so we went there.

Actually, we never liked the city.
Because it's a city of casino. It's all for casino.
Hotels there are really cheap to stay. We had to pay only 40 dollars or so a night.
But it's for let us spend money on casino.
We had to walk through the casino floor many times.
Because the reception is in the end of casino.
And to access everywhere (restaurant, parking, or outside) from our rooms, we had to across the casino floor.
Further more the casino floor is very complicated. There is no floor map. The sign board is not good enough. So we walked a lot in casino.
Also, the outside is really hot. We cannot walk a lot outside of hotels. But the main street, the Strip, is huge so when we want to go to other hotels or shopping center, we have to walk a lot.
So whenever we arrived next hotel, we entered it to escape from the hot. But the floor is always the casino...
When we tried to buy a bottle of water, it costed 3 dollars a small bottle. But if we sit at slot machine, we can get any drinks at 1 dollar.
But we never sit there, because we don't like the way that they do.

In one of our hotels, we found a signboard written "Less is not more. More is more".
It's the advertisement of the buffet of the hotel.
We never tried it.

It's only the city that we didn't like in this trip. Maybe we have hard heads, we are strange.
But we couldn't get used to the city.


cutfingerproductions said...

Mai! We totally understand!! We also have never been interested in that city. Glad you are back home!!!
Less IS more that's why we live in a tiny town! Thanks for sharing!!

mairuru said...

Thank you Laura!
I'm happy you agree with me. The teacher who told us this word is a really good guy. He taught us a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mai!
I found your Etsy shop while I was looking for San Francisco on Etsy, so I found that lovely scarf inspired by the time you spent on The city. I live in Brazil, but I spent 3 months there last year, it was amazing and I miss it a lot. I found your website adress in one of your items description and it's adorable. I love the way you describe the places you have been to and a little bit of japanese daily life. I even started to make my own kilt based on your tecnics, even though I think it's getting really diferent. It has been a long time since I last sew anything and it has been delightfull to remember it again. It remind me of when I was a child and my grandma taught me how to make little clothes to my dolls. And it was all inspired by you, so thank you a lot! Some day, I will sent you a picture of my kilt, if I get courage enough to do it! =o)
Have a nice day!

mairuru said...

Hello Damaris!
Thank you so much for your comment! I'm happy to know you.
I wanna see your quilt!!!!

Surya said...
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Anonymous said...

I will like your boyfriend for sure ! ..lol Yes, I too don't like to waste and always tell my children not to waste. I don't like casino gambling either. You have a wonderful boyfriend and he a wonderful girlfriend :)

Alex daina said...

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