Aug 18, 2008

My dream is ...

To have a small shop.
In the shop, I want to do three things.

The first and biggest one is tourist information for foreigners. Whenever I guided my friends from Italy or United States, they were embarrassed because most of Japanese people didn't speak English at all. When I stayed with John, from Germany, we entered many kinds of shops and restaurants. But in only one restaurant, people spoke to him in English.
Most of Japanese people have learned English in their schooldays. But they have little occasion to speak it and they think it's shame to make any mistakes. So they don't speak.
But when I traveled in Italy, the U.S., or Korea, people spoke to me in English or in poor Japanese. If I couldn't understand what they were speaking, they tried to make me understood. I feel very comfortable while I'm traveling in foreign countries.

So, I want to do the same as they did for me. I traveled a lot so I was helped from many people. I feel it's my turn.
Especially, I'm really good at organization. Whenever I travel by myself or with some friends, I organize all by myself. Because traveling time is very precious for me, I don't want to lose our time. And I like eating very much, so to find good restaurants is really important for me.
I want to talk with people and tell them where to go, eat and stay.
But I don't want to work in tourist information office Japanese. I checked how they talked with people who visited there, and noticed they only answered the questions. They don't say any greetings, and they don't smile. I don't like the style. So I want to have my own tourist information.

The second is to offer chili beans. I like it very much but it's difficult to find it in Japan. So, I want to offer it for travelers.

The last is to sell my items. Now I'm selling them on ETSY, but actually I want to talk with my customers, face to face.

It's my dream...
If you come to Japan, please contact me! I'll tell you some good restaurants and some good places to visit. And if you want, I can guide you!!!!!


Linda said...

I would love to visit Japan, one day maybe! I will let you know if I do. :)

mairuru said...

Thank you Lin!
At that time,I'd like to guide you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have such a nice dream! I definitely would love to know your store. Specially to try chili bean, which I have never tasted. Though I guess it's quite similar to a brazilian dish that I really enjoy. I would love to travel to Japan someday. My father has been there several times at work and he used to tell me marvelous stories about it. One of those times, he brought me a japanese doll dressed with a kimono which was my favorite childhood doll. As I grew older, I began to read some japanese writers like Kawabata and Haruki Murakami. So different from each other, but each one of them gave me a slight idea of this beautiful and complex land. I speacially like Kawabata, his book Palm of the hand stories is almost magical, it feels like a bouquet of flowers. My dream is to have a oldtime book store where people would have confortable places to read before they decide to buy the books, or if they can't afford to buy they but want to read anyway,since there are very few libraries where I live, sadly. And some cats, because I fell that cats and books go along together, it was an old tradition to have cats in bookstores but it's gettin rare since the independent ones are closing and giving place to hideous chain stores. I am sorry for writing this much!!! You must be getting bored... =o)
Well, see you someday in Japan!
Have a nice week!

mairuru said...

Hi Damaris,
Thank you for your comment! Haruki Murakami is the best author for me. I love reading his sentences. And I love John Irving as well.
I have not read the Palm of the hand stories. But I want to read it. Thank you for telling me.

Your dream is very special! I want to be there with some cats. I like bookstores very much, especially old ones. I want to stay there for all the day.

Chili beans is what I like the best in the U.S. The recipe is very easy and the taste is very simple. So I like it.
Thank you so much for your comment!

Surya said...
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Anonymous said...

I would love to meet you and if ever I'm in Japan, I know I won't be lost. I already have a friend waiting to welcome me and help me.
Thank you very much Mai
You have all the right attitudes to be a very good tourist guide. Your country will be proud of you.

Lia said...

awwww that's so sweet :)...too bad I just read this post today :( I just got back from Tokyo last month...I LOVE Tokyo a lot...I'm in love with Japan :)...Kyoto was really nice too :) and the foods in Japan....OMG..they're alll so good! Even Mc Donald's taste better there :P

Nancy L said...

If I ever get a chance again, I'd love you to be a personal guide. It's so much better to go around with someone local. Unfortunately the only time I was in Japan I was a teenager and was very tired from a long trip around China and then Korea. Japan was my number one choice but I was so tired, I slept through most of our Japan tour. I can barely remember where I went except for Tokyo and being in a traditional hotel with tatami mats that had Mt Fuji in the background.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kimono instructions
Your work is beautiful.
and your exsample's were great!!

It would have been nice if you would have listed the paper sizes and cutting intstructions also
to make a Kimono.

You do great work.
Thanks for sharing..