Sep 15, 2008

Japanese dishes

I like cooking very much. My favorite foods are Japanese, Italian, Korean. These are best three for me.
I learned a lot of Italian foods in South Italy, Salerno. I went there for some months to learn Italian language and I stayed in a room of an Italian family. The mamma of that family is very good at cooking, so I learned italian dishes every day.
Sometimes, I made some Japanese dishes for them. They liked some of them, but they cannot eat some... One of their favorite Japanese dish is Okonomiyaki.

Today, I cooked Okonomiyaki. It contains some cabbage, pork, bitter gourd, flour, soup and an egg(In the normal recipe, it doesn't contain bitter gourd, but I like arranging the recipe). Only I have to do is to mix them, and fry in a pan.
I know there is a dish like Okonomiyaki in Korea. I also like it very much, because it has a lot of vegetables and the taste is very simple. I like something simple.

For the dinner, I cooked Japanese wheat noodle, Udon.
I made a soup with some cucumber, a lot of sesame, Japanese basil and miso(Japanese bean paste). It's very light and I could taste the noodle very well.

Every day, I do cook different dishes. I rarely cook same ones because every day, it comes a new recipe in my head. It's like my items in my shop. Everyday, I come up with some new ideas, and I have little time to make same ones what I made before.

When I was young, I didn't like that I cannot continue the same thing. But now, I know that it's my style.


Anonymous said...

this udon looks so yummy. could you tell me how you made it? did you use regular miso? i would like to make this. we eat lots of noodles here, and i know my daughter and husband would like this very much (my daughter eats soba every day for breakfast). i really enjoy your blog!! thank you.

mairuru said...

Thank you for your comment!
Could you wait for a while? I'll write it in next article.

Anonymous said...

Yummy .... my husband and children can cook. My son is a chef. I hope to improve my cooking skills
Thanks for sharing