Oct 5, 2008


Two days ago, I found some good chestnuts in a small vegetable shop near my house.
There is a very big dog in the shop and he is its poster dog.

We bought a bag of chestnuts.

I wanted to cook rice with chestnuts. It's the taste of autumn for me.
At first, to peel chestnuts easily, I boiled them with pressure cooker. Then, I and my boyfriend peeled them one by one.
I put rice, some soy sauce, salt and peeled chestnuts to the rice cooker. That's all.

Then, I made some sweats with the rest of chestnuts. In a small pan, I put chestnuts and a little water and some spoons of sugar. Then, I cooked them for a while. I put them to a plastic bag and mushed them with my hand.
Then, I made the shape with plastic wrap. I put a spoon of chestnuts on the wrap and hold it and twist the wrap. That's all.

I made them with my boyfriend. Because we have no jobs now, we can cook together. I like this time very much.

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Anonymous said...

Cooking together with a loved one is one of the BEST things lovers can do together ;>)
I haven't tried eating chestnuts. This recipe looks easy enough for me to try. Thanks Mai