Oct 13, 2008

A walk near Yokohama station

Yokohama is a very big city and there are a lot of buildings. But we can find nature and old districts in this city. So we like this city very much.

This is one of my walking courses near Yokohama station.
At first, I found a building like the Lego brick.

It's one of new condominium buildings. These days, they built a lot of big condominiums, and the sky I can see is getting narrower and narrower.

Under my foot, there were brown fallen leaves.

One water bus was going to the station. I waved my hand to them, and a child waved back to me.

We walked along the river. There are some wood decks to relaxing, and many benches to take a rest.

After the river, we walked to an old residential district. There are many small houses and we met some pretty cats.

They wanted to be touched. So lovely small cat.

I found other cats. There were a lot of cats around there. We found some foods for cats along the street. Maybe people live there feed them.

She is also living there.

When I looked back, I could see the new condominiums near the station.

A boy was fishing.

Then, we went across the rail of freight trains. There is a central wholesale market of Yokohama near there.

I checked my height with a scale of a kindergarten.

Also, my boyfriend checked it.

At last, we arrived a small park by the sea. We came here because I like staying near the sea.

The sky turned dark soon, and we became very hungry, so we entered a small chinese restaurant.

I hope you like these pictures.


Donna said...

wow, that is a lot of cats! I enjoyed your pictures of Yokohama. There is a drama I enjoyed called Kuitan, where I learned a little bit about Yokohama. It looks like an interesting place, I'd like to visit one day.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day! I am just a bit intrigued with something: Why cat's tails seem to be much shorter than the ones I am used to see? Perhaps it's a japanese cats thing? Or perhaps it's just a wrong impression? Intriguing...
You have such a nice way to tell your experiences that make even the simple things seem special. Thanks for posting to us!

mairuru said...

Thank you Donna!
I'm surprised that you know Kuitan! It's not so popular in Japan,,, I think.

mairuru said...

Thank you Danda,
I didn't notice it but my boyfriend knows it. Japanese cats have shorter tails than foreign cats.

Donna said...

I'm trying to teach myself Japanese, so I watch a lot of dramas in order to hear people speak. There are a number of websites where I can watch dramas that people have subtitled in English--my Japanese is not fluent enough to understand without the subtitles. I just finished watching Gonzo, which I really liked and now I'm watching Shiori to Shimiko no Kaiki Jikenbo.

mairuru said...

Oh, I know Gonzo. I liked it too!
But I don't know Shiori to Shimiko...

I like watching English movies with Japanese subtitle, but it's difficult to concentrate to listen to listening...

little pilgrim said...

i love the cats! lol.....i am a bit of a cat fan..i have 2 of my own. it looks like their tails are shorter than the cats here in canada! ..oh i just saw that someone else mentioned the tails...so strange!

mairuru said...

Thank you little pilgrim!
I love cats too! So I went to Malta Island to see many cats and a person called "Cat Man".

Surya said...

Food looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I loved all the pics, they told me a lovely story. I'm learning about your city through these pics. I see old and new. Thank you