Nov 6, 2008

Japanese girl's sailor suit

When I was in California, I met an Italian girl who liked Japanese manga very much. She likes Japanese girl's sailor suits especially and asked me to show her my old ones(But I've already thrown them out...).

I remembered it today, and I made a sailor suit shape pouch. This suit is summer version.
It closes with a snap on the back of sailor collar.
It was difficult to put the pleated skirt on the pouch and I couldn't make it in a good way... I'll try again!


danni_meringue said...

hi Mairuru,
i love the sailor suit! it is very very cute!
I want to thank you for writing your blog, i have not been at work to day as i am unwell and reading your blog, looking at your fantastic photos and just hearing of what you have been up to has made me feel a lot better. I also want to thank you for the brilliant origami ideas, ive recently started doing origami again and have had much fun making the ones you have.
Keep up the fantastic sewing and traveling.
much love

mairuru said...

Hello Danni!
Thank you so much for your comment.
I feel very happy to hear that. I also have no jobs recently and stay at home and sew every day. It's fun to make something by my own hands.
I want to see your origami works.
Thank you!

danni_meringue said...

What's your email address and can send you some pictures, I'm still only learning so there nothing complex, last night i made Totoro, i was very pleased by how he came out, i also made some kind of sea fish and a wedding dress, my plan tonight is to make the kimono, but it will not be as pretty as yours as pretty origami paper is hard to find in England, i do my best with what I've got.
i love your sewing, i think it is very very cute and wish i could come up with ideas like that.

hope to hear from you soon

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir Mairuru
I just really enjoy your Blog and all the lovely things you make. I have ordered a couple of things from your shop but wish I could afford to buy lots more.
Please keep sewing, your work is beautiful.

mairuru said...

Hello Danni!
I want to see your Totoro! My e-mail is "maimairuru(at)gmail(dot)com".
I can send you some Origami papers and Kompeito!

mairuru said...

Hi MO!
Thank you so much! I'll keep sewing and try to make better ones.
Thank you.

cutfingerproductions said...

Oh Mai!!
you inspire so many with your talents! Always lovely things!
Your works are so special!
A Japanese surprise every time!!
Jon and I are thinking of you there:)

mairuru said...

Hello Laura!
We're thinking of you two, too!
Not, it's on Haru's desk.

Anonymous said...

o.O wow, i love this soo much!! i like manga too....go sailor suits!!!!! ^ ^

Surya said...
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Anonymous said...

Love this. In my younger days, my school uniform was pleated. Our uniform was made of cotton and it was difficult to iron them too.

RobertaFrontini said...

It really seem like those used on manga :) I love it

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