Nov 3, 2008

Today's my shopping in a super market

These are what I bought today in a big super market near my house.
I want to show you how foods are packed in Japan, and how much they are.
These days, the prices have risen.

This is a packed bacon. It costs 1.5 dollars per 100g.

This is a Japanese persimmon. One persimmon costs 1 dollar.

This is a part of branch of bananas, from Philippines. It costs 1.5 dollars.

This is a pack of potatoes. It costs 1 dollar.

This is a pack of bean sprout. It costs 50 cents.

This is a pack of petit tomatoes. It costs 2 dollars. Tomatoes are summer vegetables so I cannot buy them often now... (I love them a lot!)

This is a small pack of ground pork. It costs 1.3 dollars per 100g.

This is a pack of California raisins. In a pack, there are 240g raisins and it costs 3 dollars.

That's all. Bananas and raisins are imported and others are Japanese. There are lots of imported foods, but I buy Japanese as much as possible.
How about are the price and package compare to your supermarket?


Donna said...

The bacon is more expensive in Japan--here I pay 4.00 for a 12 oz. package. Bananas are .50 a pound and usually imported from South America. Potatoes are 2.50 for five pounds. Persimmons are expensive, at least 1.00 a piece or more. Ground meat, I buy when it's 2.50 a pound. Something like pork chops or a roast I can get on sale for 2.99 a lb. Bean sprouts vary--if I buy them at a regular large grocery store they are probably 2.00 a pound, if I go to the little Asian grocery stores we have in Chinatown, I can get a big bag for 1.00--that is the same for all Asian vegetables, rice, soy sauce, it's much cheaper in Chinatown. And if I want Middle Eastern spices or other things, I go to a middle eastern store, same for Indian food. I live in a large city so I am fortunate to be able to shop like this.

mairuru said...

Hello Donna, Thank you for telling me.
Near big stations, there are some imported foods shop in Japan. So we can get spices or Indian food there.
When I came back from California, I looked for beans to cook chili beans. It was difficult to find beans near my house and I could find only canned ones. I love beans but most of Japanese people don't eat them so often.

Anonymous said...

mmm, for some reason, even the packaging for the tomatoes look better than the packaging me have here. = =

sheppy said...

I found your blog through One Pretty Thing and have been having fun reading through all of your posts.

Your creations and talent amaze me!

This post I found really interesting and it inspired me to do the same today with my shopping.

Thank you so much for sharing your life and your creations, I will look forward to reading more.


mairuru said...

Hello Sheppy,
Thank you for your new post about your shopping! I enjoyed it very much.
And thank you very much for reading my poor English...
I'm really happy (* v *)!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very informative, thanks. I too do my shopping for groceries near my house, sometimes in the supermarket. Have to budget carefully when the prices are high

Anonymous said...

You do wonderful things! I enjoy your blog a lot.
In Russia fruit and vegetables are much cheaper and they are not sold by items, we count them by gramms or kilograms.
Potato is $1 per kilo
Persimon, when it's a season is $2 per kilo
Bacon is $10 per kilo said...

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