Mar 13, 2009

Hand embroidery

I like to put something small in the packet which I send to my customers.
For that purpose, I always make some Origami or some small new items.
Today I made some small key chains with hand embroidery.

These days, I'm into embroidery. But I'm not so good at it. So to practice it, I made these chains.

These threads are Japanese cotton embroidery thread, Sashiko thread. I like them because they are thick than usual embroidery thead.

I have only 5 colors because they are a little bit expensive for me.
But today, I found an online shop which offers economical ones and I ordered ten colors. I can get them within 2-3 days.
I'll practice more!

1 comment:

Surya said...

This is good. My dad don't like to use metal keychains or anything with sharp edges. Especially while travelling, as the keychain moves back & forth & ruin the surface.