Mar 15, 2009

How to make a hand embroidered pot holder

Today, I received a packet. It's Sashiko embroidery thread what I ordered 2 days ago.
I love this thread very much so I'm happy that I could get 10 colors!

I want to use them soon, so I began to make a pot holder.

I write here how to make it. It's very simple recipe.

(1)At first, prepare the strap. Prepare a piece of fabric, approximately 1.5 inches wide,6 inches long.

(2)Then fold it in half, and fold each side in half again(Like bias tape). Then, sew it with embroidery thread as you like. I use running stitch.

Go to the potholder.

(3)Cut the fabrics and batting. Today, I chose cotton linen gauze fabric for the upper side and green solid cotton for the other side. I didn't measure the size... But approximately 6 inches tall, 7 inches wide.

(4)Lay them and sew them with basting thread on the edge.
The other side comes like this.

(5)Then, stitch with embroidery thread as you like. I like french knot stitch, so sometimes I put it.

(6)Also, I put small piece of my favorite fabric.

(7)Stitch on the edge and trim the edge line.

(8)Whipstitch with embroidery thread. And on the one corner you like, put the strap.

(9)Then you can take the basting thread. That's all! But I want something additionally, so I put running stitch near the edge.

*The other side comes like this. I like this side too!

Thank you for reading. I'll put them on the my ETSY shop. -> ++SIESTA++


Surya said...

You are so patient. Not just this one. Those complicated bags and covers........
Hats off Mai.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow thank you soo much for sharing this tutorial with us! I love love it lots and will be sure to try it out! I love to hand sew everything too! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

mairuru said...

Hello Surya,
Thank you very much!

Hello Jacqueline,
I'm happy to hear that and to know you. Have a happy day too!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mai, I love this, thanks for sharing.
I can learn a lot from you and I always come back to your site