Mar 30, 2009

How to make a sitting cat (or rabbit) plush

Yesterday, I made a rabbit plush.
I didn't make any patterns, I just only cut fabrics as I like. It's very easy way to make plush.
I write here the process of making cat one.

(1)Prepare the fabrics. I use three cotton fabrics for the body, for the back of ears and legs, and the hip and tail.

(2)Cut the fabrics. I cut the body at first, then ears and legs checking the size. The seam allowance is about 0.5 cm.

(3)To make the pattern of the bottom, scale the width of the body. I use a "cm" scale, and it was 6.5 cm(Approx. 2.5 inches). The allowance is 0.5 cm, so the pure body width is 5.5 cm.

(4)This pattern is only one what I made for this plush. Make the pattern of the bottom. Draw the curve line to be the same length of the body width. But actually, I didn't use the pattern what I drew, I used the pattern what I drew by free hand... Or you can cut the fabric after you'll finish to sew the body, then put the body on the bottom fabric making the curve as you like. When I made the first rabbit, I cut the fabric in this way.

(5)Cut the fabric for the bottom with the pattern with the allowance.

(6)I wanted to put the tail, so I cut out it by freehand. For the rabbit, I didn't applique the tail but hand embroidered it.

(7)Put the tail on the body fabric and applique it.

(8)Fold the allowance on the inside and sew by blind stitch.

(9)Finished tail.

(10)Then make the face as you like.

(11)Make the ears and legs. At first sew leaving the line with which attach with the body.

(12)Turn them around.

(13)For the stable sitting, put the batting on the bottom. Cut the batting as the bottom fabric.

(14)Stitch ears, legs and the bottom as you like. I used Sashiko cotton thick embroidery thread. For the rabbit ears, I put the stuffing, but for the cat ears, I didn't put anything.

(15)Then, put the ears on the top of the front fabric.Sew the edge line.

(16)The ears comes like this picture.

(17)Sew the legs as the ears.

(18)Put the back fabric on the front fabric to make the right side inside. Then sew them leaving the space to turn it out and the bottom line.

(19)The back side is like this.

(20)Sew the bottom. Put the bottom fabric and adjust it.

(21)I finished sewing the bottom.

(22)Turn it out.

(23)Fill the stuffing and close the space. You made it!

I like their bottom.

Thank you for reading this lo---ng post!
I'll make them more (maybe) and list them on my etsy shop. (* v *)


Jacqueline said...

Mai, these bunnies are sooo cute and so fun to make! Thank you for sharing and making this lovely tutorial! I adore it! Hope your weekend was fun...have a lovely merry monday night and love to you!

Margith said...

Hello Mai!
I love your blog.

meyer said...

I love their bottom embroidery :)

mairuru said...

Hi everyone,
Thank you seeing this long post!
I like to make plushes. It's really fun!
Have a sweet spring!!

Anonymous said...

how very adorable and you are so sweet to share! Did you see you were featured on whip up???!!!
~Emily xx

Maevy said...

Thank you for this tutorial, I really like your sweet little plushes. Now I know that I'll have to make one next weekend!

Things Hand Made said...

I really love the simplicity of you work Have you heard of the artist Janet Bolton?

mairuru said...

Hello Emily,
Thank you for telling it.
I'm happy!

mairuru said...

Hello Meavy,
Thank you! If the bottom is small as my plush, you'd better to put something heavy at the bottom. I put some beans later.

mairuru said...

Hello Things Hand Made,
Thank you for your comment. I didn't know her and check in google. Her works are beautiful!!!! When I go to book stores, I'll check if there are some books.
Thank you! said...

That is DARLING! You're super talented to just be able to whip this up! I'm totally loving your blog and excited to link to some of your projects if you don't mind!

iwhip.iwok.icraft said...

Interesting blog! Amazing stuff you have hand sown. Thanks for the step-by-step tutorials, will try them soon!

mairuru said...

Thank you very much!
If you have any questions, please write me!

Nesa said...

Thanks Mai for the tutorial and inspiration. I made a white bunny for my boyfriend and have posted on my website. He loves it a lot.

mairuru said...

Hello Nesa,
Thank you for the comment. I love the cup bunny! Really cute.

jmb_craftypickle said...

so cute!! I love your directions...very easy and beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

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