Apr 8, 2009

My boyfriend's sketch

Cat and panda sketch coasters
Sometimes I see someone's embroidery of her children's drawing on some blogs.
I'd like to do that, but I have no children, I have only my boyfriend, 35 years old...
So I asked him to draw cat and panda and embroidered them.
Panda sketch coaster
Cat sketch coaster
His cat doesn't seem so, but seems some animal??

When I see my little niece next time, I'll ask her to draw something.


Jessica said...

that is so cute! it's funny you should mention it, because I too will see blogs where moms have embroidered their kids' art but like you, i don't have kids! i will have to ask my husband to draw something for me. :)

sheppy said...

I think they are great too! And as for your boyfriend's cat, I thought it was a really well drawn otter.

mairuru said...

Hello Jessica,
Oh, Im happy to know there is a person who thinks same thing.
i'd like to see your husband's drawing!

mairuru said...

Hello Sheppy,
otter! Now I see it otter!
Thank you (* v *)!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your boyfriend and you make a lovely couple who do things together. My hubby won't do this ..hehehe

jewellery boxes said...

hahaha nice...