Apr 29, 2009

A special package from my friend in Malaysia

Yesterday, a package arrived from Malaysia. It's from my friend, Jacqueline!
I'm reading her blog and I knew that she made me a beautiful gift bag.
But there were more things that I didn't expected.
I was no word when I saw this pincushion!
From Jacqueline, Beautiful pincushion
I loved it very much when she wrote about it on her blog. I didn't think if it came to my house. Thank you Jacqueline.

And the bag what I asked her to put her beautiful heart on it. She hand embroidered pretty flowers on the edge, it is just neat and beautiful!
From Jacqueline, beautiful gift bag
From Jacqueline, beautiful gift bag

On the front, it has a big part of lace what she made by hand!
From Jacqueline, beautiful gift bag

There were also her pretty elephant coasters and lots of beautiful laces.
And I already enjoyed this chinese tea with my boyfriend.
From Jacqueline, Chinese tea
I love this Tekkannon very much! The flavor is excellent! Also, I love the cute package very much.

Thank you very much for Jacqueline.
I'm really happy (* v *)!!!!


Jacqueline said...

Oh Mai, you made my day! Im soo happy and thrilled that i did at least surprised you a little. Yay and so very happy that you love the little things that i mailed your way! Glad you and your boyfriend enjoyed the tea..is one of my favorite. :)
Have a lovely merry happy night and love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Mai, this is such a beautiful package! I am so happy for you! I just love the wonderful hand stitches that she does. Her work, like yours is truly unique and special.
Hugs from Emily xx

Muddlepud said...

Ah, what a lucky you! Her work is lovely. I especially love the pincushion!

mairuru said...

Yes, her stitches are beau---tiful!

Anonymous said...

Mai, I'm going through all the articles that I missed.
Wow, your friend Jacqueline is very generous
She's talented
I'm happy we're from the same country Malaysia. Hooray !!
One day, I hope to send you a special package too.
Perhaps for your birthday in January?
Looking forward that and I hope you won't wait too long ..lol
Mena from Malaysia