May 25, 2009

Flying Sarubobo

Flying bobo
Today I made two Sarubobo, Japanese plushes.
"Saru" means monkey and "Bobo" means baby.
Wikipedia Sarubobo

In common recipe, the head comes top of the body.
But I put the head on the back. So usually it seems sitting, but this bobo seems like flying.
Flying bobo
When I finished making one, my boyfriend said to me to put a parachute on it.
Good idea!

Then I made parachute for it. It seems like flying.
Flying bobo

The recipe of saru bobo is very simple and easy.
I'll write here someday.
Flying bobo


Jacqueline said...

They are sooo adorable!! Have a lovely week and love to you!

Elyse said...

How adorable! =D

Penny Nickels said...

These are stunning! Such a pleasure to look at!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Your work is always so immaculate and stunning! I'm a fan of yours. Also, I am writing here to let you know that I have tagged you for this blog game called "Desafio", please go to my blog to take a look at it, and I hope you'd join in the fun and spread the love!
Hear from you soon,

mairuru said...

Hello, Thank you very much!
I'm enjoying making more bobos!

Anonymous said...

so cute! =)

Anonymous said...

These guys are making me very happy!

Cate Lawrence said...

just beautiful, so delicate and expressive

Mel G said...

I love those!!!! :)

Apol said...

These are adorable, Mairuru. And the parachutes are a great idea!

Nuttygirl said...

How cute. I am going to make some of these using your instructions for a little doll house I am making my daughter for Christmas.

These parachute sarubobo would make a cute mobile for a baby's room.

Cotton bud said...

wow awesome

Anonymous said...

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