Jul 26, 2009

A sunny day

The day before yesterday, it was very sunny day, and not too hot in Japan.
So we went for a walk, long walk with our cameras.
We like taking pictures. I especially like taking pictures of what we eat(I love eating!), and he likes taking pictures of nature and animals.

At first, we took the lunch in an italian restaurant.
I like the restaurant, but the portion is too small for us always... Maybe 1/3 of size in Italy.

Then, we walked seeing the beautiful sky for more than 2 hours.

While we were walking, we met some cute cats.
He was sleeping, but we waked him up. I'm sorry...

These two cats are in the same house. One is always on the roof, and the other is always near the door, maybe waiting food.

We like such a usual walking.

When we walked in another town last week, we found a good bakery.
We got some breads there and I asked whether they had bread crust. They had and sell it with only 0.5 dollars for 500g or more.
Could you get it in your country? In Japan, we see it only in some small bakery. And usually they don't display crust. So we should ask to get it.

The crust of this bakery was absolutely good taste so we enjoyed it very much.
I baked it with butter and sugar.
Bread crust
Or I put some cheese on it.
Bread crust

Most of bakery through the crust away in huge amount. I don't like the way.
So to get the crust in this shop, I should take buses and it costs more than 4 dollars, but I'd like to go there to get it. Otherwise, they should throw it away.
It's my way for eco!


Laura Laurent said...

I always like your pictures. I have never eaten crust that way before but it seems delicious :)

MamaKnits2Much said...

I love your pictures of cats you see on your walks. It looks like the stray cats in Japan are really well cared for (if indeed they are strays). Very fat and happy looking. I am very impressed by this generosity. And those sweet bread crusts look delicious! (I love bread crust too. There's nothing better than toasted crusty bread.)

M* (Melanie) said...

You have taken some beautiful pictures on your walk. I love the clouds and the cats.

In Australia they don't cut the crust off the bread so we can't buy it like that here. It sounds like an interesting way to eat it though! I definitely would give it a try. My husband is visiting Japan in January. I will tell him to look out for them!

Chasing Snails said...

The fourth picture looks like someone has sprinkled powder in the sky - very beautiful!

It seems strange that crust is removed from bread and sold seperately, though it does look delicious. It would be great to use as breadcrumbs.

Thank you for sharing your day : )

Anonymous said...

hello mai... we seem to have the same interest.. food, craft, taking photos and animals! we'll get along fine hehehe...

i like the idea of eating bread crust (what abt making a bread pudding with them?).. here in malaysia they don't remove crust, so we don't get to buy just the crust!

Donna said...

Bakeries in the US don't remove the crust either, but your recipes look delicious!

Sam said...

I've just found your blog, and it is so cute! I love everything you've made.

And sugary bread crusts sound really good! I don't know where I'd find bread crusts but I'll have to look around.

mairuru said...

Hello, Thank you very much for telling me how the bread crust is in your countries! I wanted to know it.

In Japan, many bakeries slice the bread to sell and they don't put the two ends of the bread for the package. Or, many bakeries sell sandwiches without crusts. So they should have much crusts.

Could I explain well ...???
I also get Okara from Tofu shop. When they make Tofu, they have Okara left and usually they throw it away. So sometimes I get it and bake cookies with them. It's very rich in dietary fiver (* v *)!!!!!

Thank you very much!!

del4yo said...

It's very sweet to have a taste of your day, thank you for sharing!

I love the idea of baking crust with butter and sugar :)

Anonymous said...

Frances of Malaysia here. Mmmm ..yummy food ... love the nature photos ...also love long walks like this.
Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy ....