Oct 27, 2009

What I made in last three days

While my boyfriend was away, I cleaned up our room and organized my fabric stocks.
Then, I enjoyed making these items. It was very happy time for me.

At first, I finished a custom order.
I made up these 18 small dolls for hanging.
Hanging dolls
I especially like this Den-den daiko(A drum with beads which make sounds).
Den-den daiko, triangle and drawstring bag

Then, I made some plushes with beads.
Bird with beads crown
I got these beads in one of my favorite shops and wanted to make something with them.
With the other color beads, I made these elephants too.
Elephant with beads crown

I wanted to make some more tiny items, so I made these house key cases.
House key case with a cat

I put a cat on each back.
House key case with a cat

I found some beautiful flower printed fabrics and laces, and I made this scarf.
Patchwork scarf with lace

And I made these lanyards.
Patchwork lanyard
Patchwork lanyard

When I found this linen fabric, I wanted to stitch on it with Sashiko cotton embroidery thread.
Sashiko petit quilt
I enjoyed stitching freely.

And at last, I made these pouches for winter.
Wool pouch with lace
I used all of my favorite goods what I found in these days. Wool fabrics, laces, buttons and leather pieces.
Wool pouch with lace
I enjoyed putting them on this little pouch.

Yes, I made such a lot! I concentrated in making too much so I didn't take a picture of them and it took more than a day for taking pictures and editing them. I took more than 300 pictures...

Enjoy sewing!!!!!


Daniela Mayumi Kodaira said...

Mai, you've been working so hard! It's always a pleasure to see your work. I should work harder too, since I got my rubber, I didn't do any carving... Anyway, thanks for sharing!

madebykk said...

You have been busy, great!!

deros said...

Mai! really, i like you:)your ideas, your hands, great!and thank you

Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said...

Wow Mai!!Its really great to see your works. I salute you, you can do it all in just a few days >_-

Thanks for sharing.

Please come visit me..^^

Carme said...

m'agrada el que fas, els ratolins son preciosos, i les cases per les claus el detall del moix molt agut


Helena said...

A lot of beautiful work! have a happy day!

IrinaBohemianDance said...


Beautiful things...I love them all!Great work!



jacqueline said...

Mai, you have been so busy and you made such lovely items. :) I adore the new lanyard...the fabrics you used are awesome. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Gra said...

I love coming to visit your blog. My children leave for school at 7 every morning. After that, I love to tour the blogs and yours is always one of the first ones I visit. I like starting the day seeing your beautiful sewing. Thanks so much for the time you put showing us all you do.

Anonymous said...

mai, you are simply amazing. you make handmade look like haute couture.

Isadora said...

Adorable stuff! I like everything, you are so talented and creative, and has such good taste!

Anna said...

beautiful once again! I wish I could make projects as quickly as you, and I even make things with a machine! wow

Anonymous said...

wow mai!!! what beautiful things you have made in only 3 days. maybe soon can you give us a tutorial on those cute stuffed animals?


Leonor said...

Amazing!! So good job!!!

sherri s. said...

You are so very inspiring and talented! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

Tatkis said...

They are just wonderful! I love them all :) thank you for sharing!

Yun Hui Kelsey said...

Beautiful works as usual. I love the colors and textures on them.

tracey said...

the house key pouches are adorable!

Billie said...

Thank you for sharing! You do lovely work, which I can spend a lot of time on just sewing!

someone. said...

The elephant plush is very comical to look at! Hehe~! Thanks for the smiles Mairuru-san.

chick chick sewing said...

こんにちは:) and thank you for sharing your beautiful work and giving us inspirations. I always enjoy looking at your projects. You are very talented and just like everybody else around here, I just love you work!

Anonymous said...

so cute! >_________<

by Connie said...

Wow, Mai you made all of these in just 3 days, well done! I especially love your key cases. You've made something practical so pretty. I carry 3 keys and I don't like them scratching other things in my bag. :)

Wynn Tan said...

i want to do some hand sewing for small items soon too! but i don't think i can make this many things in one day... haha

Elizabeth said...

It's always a pleasure to see your tiny things. This time I love the house key pouches with the cats and the pouches with leather the best. I'm glad you had a happy time!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

Hi :
I love your pouches,ideas...
thanks for sharing.

Corrieneeltje said...

Mai!!! You did uncredibly many things those last days, you must have been working the nights too and how sweet are all these beautiful things. So inpsiring are they all.
Thanks for your inspiration Mai and greez of Corrie from Holland.

julie said...

Mai, what beautiful work you have done. You are simply amazing. Thank you for showing us your talent.
ps. I made the chicken ham. So easy and I loved the taste.

Anonymous said...

Mai! You are so clever! I love visiting your blog.

I learnt making sarubobos from your blog and my daughter loves them!! Can you please post the recipes for making those tiny dolls? I want to make a bird for my daughter as she is very fond of watching pigeons.

Suze said...

Boy, you've been very busy! Thanks for sharing...looks good.

Mrs. Katie Picciottoli said...

Mai! ::Sigh:: Everything you make is so lovely - I so enjoyed reading your posts - keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Wow , lovely. I never get bored with your work ..lol

I got to try making the little dolls and key holders

:) Mena

Farida said...

love the House key Holder
the rest are beautifull too.
thanx for sharing

Jenna said...

Mai, I LOVE your fabric, lace, and leather combination in the last picture! It's gorgeous!

Also, I've made a couple of your softbound book covers -- I love them! Thank you so much for sharing!