Dec 9, 2009

Sunday jogging in a park

Sunday jogging in a park
We went to a park by bus on Sunday for my jogging.
My boyfriend doesn't want to run, so he went there to take some pictures.
It was a beautiful day and good for both jogging and taking photo.
Sunday jogging in a park

Soon after we arrived at the park, I began walking and jogging and he began taking pictures.
Sunday jogging in a park

He especially liked colored leaves.
Sunday jogging in a park

And people. There were lots of people enjoying the park.
Sunday jogging in a park

He took lots of pictures of this leaf from spider silk many times. I like this picture the best.
Sunday jogging in a park

For me, this park is very hard because it is hilly. Near my house most of streets are flat and I don't get used to it... It made my legs tired soon.

But the scenes were so beautiful that I felt great while running.
Sunday jogging in a park

After my jogging, we walked in the park together and enjoyed our Sunday (* v *).
Sunday jogging in a park

We found a beautiful old building in the end of the park. It was just beautiful.
Sunday jogging in a park

After we enjoyed the park, we walked to a town to take dinner.
I ordered this high-calorie dish...
Dinner after jogging

I like chicken, cheese and demiglace very much, so I couldn't help without ordering it...

I enjoy jogging (* v *)!!!!
I met a cat after jogging


Chrissy said...

Your other half takes really beautiful photos. It helps that the subject matter is so gorgeous though, what a beautiful park.

luke and pamela said...

wow, beautiful park and beautiful photos!!!

celine said...

awesome shots - drop dead gorgeous!

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Beautiful pictures!! such a beautiful park *_*

Helena said...

Wonderfull pictures!!!

Serendipity Handmade + Vintage said...

Your blog is wonderful! I love your work, and I especially love that you share your creations as tutorials. I'm passing the Kreativ Blogger Award to you!

Jimenaam87 said...

That park is beautiful!! i want to be there (L)

julie said...

Great photos!!! If I had a beautiful park like that, I would consider taking up running. Your country is so beautiful.

Erin said...

Wow, gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...


evie said...

i love the photos!! the scenery is beuatiful!

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