Dec 1, 2009

I jogged seven days!

Last week I began jogging. I run every day.
In this 7 days jogging, I got these four.

(1)Beautiful views
I began jogging because I found a site what introduced some jogging course near my apartment.
The first day was a beautiful day.
Jogging, first day

My camera is not so small and hard to bring with. But I see lots of beautiful scenes and want to show them to my boyfriend and you all, so I give up bringing drink with me and bring only my camera and cell phone (* v *)!!!!
Jogging, second day
This is a picture of the second day. I'm happy because I can run variety of courses by Yokohama Bay.

Jogging, sixth day
I also enjoy colored leaves too.

Jogging, seventh day
Today I could run 40 minutes without a break(At the first day I could run only 3-5 minutes), it's my best for these 7 days. I ran (and walk) for an hour or more every day.

(2)I met persons and cute animals
In these seven days, I exchanged greetings with some joggers. I greeted as if I'm not a beginner(* v *).
And also, I met some cute animals.
Jogging, first day
Jogging, first day
In the morning, I could meet some cats.
Jogging, second day
And lots of bird.
Jogging, second day
I also met Bo-chan in a fine day.

(3)Some events
In a week, I met two events.
The one is a training of the police.
Jogging, third day
I've never seen such an event and some people enjoyed seeing it. They supposed shooting incident, terrorist bombs or demonstrators and trained how to deal with them.
Jogging, fifth day
And in other day, there is an open day of Japan Coast Guard and I could see the inside of this ship. So this day I could run only 30 minutes totally...

I didn't lose my weight yet, but my waist lose 2cm in this week. And also, I can sleep quite well(maybe too much).
I began running and exercise in my room 5 months before, and my body slimmed down a little. But I couldn't loose my weight at all. So I began this jogging. I hope I could continue it for long for my health.

I can enjoy jogging because of the place where I run. Every day, before I go for a jogging I check where I want to run. I'm happy to live here (* v *)!!!!
But there is a problem also. Because of the jogging, I'm sleepy every day and I cannot sew a lot these days... Maybe after two or three weeks I get used to it and I can sew more...


Bendito Colibrí said...

hola... me encanta visitarte, aunque no se inglés algo entiendo pero disfruto de tus creaciones y lindas fotografias.
cariños mil...

Erin said...

As you begin exercising, you gain muscle and lose fat - as the muscle weighs more than fat, many people don't lose weight, but rather, lose inches from their body. You're on the right track! :) I'm impressed you can run so far after only one week.

I really enjoy reading your posts to see a small piece of life in Japan, and your beautiful handiwork. Thank you for sharing!

B said...

all the best with ur new exercise regime. Do keep it going. I have been runnign for about 6 months and doing strngth trainign for about a year so a total of year and a half. the outside appearance take a long time to change but the simple benefits to mind and body are immediate. take care and keep it up. I am aure u will be able to get back to sewing soon.

Chrissy said...

What a wonderful idea to run different places and have great sites to keep you motivated. Thank you for taking all those lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Good to know you're jogging for exercise. Don't worry about the weight .... it's just a number
As long as you feel good and are fit, you're ok. I'm loving Bo Chan more now ...

Mena :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mai, my earlier comments didn't appear. So here's my 2nd try.
Great to know you're getting yourself fit. Don't worry about your weight's just a number
Love Bo Chan

Mena :)

Unknown said...

I love your pictures! I would love be go to Japan one day.... It looks so lovely!
Good luck with jogging!

Robyn said...

Good job with your running! That is surely the softest dog I've ever seen. And the cat that's about to plop over into the water is funny!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mai:
I'm glad you are enjoying running.

Please, for your health and for your knees, do NOT run for 7 days in a row. You must REST for 1 day every week. :)

If you want to learn more about running, Nike has good information

Marina said...

Hi Mai! I just started exercising too! Thanks for sharing your work and pictures online - you're always an inspiration, and now it's fun to think that healthy things are beginning to happen in Japan, just like here. Good job!

Vintage Girl/Marivel said...

kon'nichiwa , yūjin :
watashi wa watashi no buroguwo hōmon suru shōtai

julie said...

Good for you! Keep up with the running. I am sure the tiredness will pass and you will regain your energy. What a beautiful part of the world you have to run in. That would nearly make me want to start some exercise.....not....
Big hello for Bo Chan.

inkywu said...

Thank you for sharing those great pics. Glad you enjoy your jogging. Do look into Nike blog and see see what they have to say about running. And you can make your decision. Thank you for nice pics of Bo Chan. It's so good to see him and know he is doing well and looking so beautiful as usual.

Anonymous said...

I love your crafts... and the pictures too.