Mar 16, 2010

!!!! Giveaway winners !!!!

Giveaway drawing
Hi everyone. Last night I wrote down your names (299 names) on a small piece of paper and Haru picked lucky winners.
Giveaway winners

Today I made packages for them all.
I enjoyed choosing one by one reading each comment.
The first prizes include a book, fabric scraps, stamp tags, trims, Sashiko threads and little extra.
The first winner for it is "The Burtons". I put a book of making clothes for kids.
Giveaway, For 1st prizes (1)

The second winner is "Forêt". I put Sashiko threads for her (* v *)!!!!
Giveaway, For 1st prizes (2)

The third winner is "Cathy". I put cute motif book and my favorite cotton linen fabric from SWANY.
Giveaway, For 1st prizes (3)

The forth winner is "Susan". I put a book of beautiful embroidery and a little lemon charm.
Giveaway, For 1st prizes (4)

The fifth winner is "Sheila". I put cute dog plush book and my favorite Lucien fabric.
Giveaway, For 1st prizes (5)

The sixth winner is "Little Treasures". I put cute idea sewing book and my favorite green lace.
Giveaway, For 1st prizes (6)

The last winner for the first prize is "Kristina". I put the book of cute plushes and my favorite flower printed fabrics.
Giveaway, For 1st prizes (7)

Then, here are second prizes. I put Japanese paper items, fabric scraps, a piece of trim and little extra for each.
Giveaway, For second prizes

The seven winners for it are "Salihan", "Joan's Good Life", "trixi", "Erin", "ikaru", "Honeybeehill" and "Ravenhill".
I couldn't believe it when Haru picked the last name (Ravenhill) because I know her already.

I'll contact the winners through their blog or e-mail what I know. But I cannot access Forêt, Cathy and ikaru (I couldn't leave a comment on your blog!!!!).
If you read this, please send me your address to "maimairuru(at)gmail(dot)com".

I'm sorry for others but I enjoyed this giveaway at all. Thank you very much again for your entries.

This is the "arm covers(I'm still thinking of the name...)" with my arm. I forgot to ask Haru to take pictures so I tried them by myself.
Could you see how to use them?
Arm covers
Arm covers

I made this lunch box with my arm covers (* v *).
Lunch box

In next post, I can show you how to make the "arm covers".


Tara said...

Wow! Next time you have a giveaway - I am definitely entering! You are so generous.

As to the arm covers - those photos don't do them justice. Have Haru help you, maybe while you are making those delicious bento boxes. Yummy!

Looking forward to the tutorial.


Katherine said...

what lucky giveaway winners! can't wait to try again next time!

Joan's Good Life said...

Waaa! Subarashii! Doomo arigato gozaimasu! I am so happy to receive something from you! It will be like christmas again! Yay! You are very sweet and generous. Thank you again! I'll look forward to your package! And please tell Haru-san Thank you for me too for choosing my name! ;-)

Victoria said...

Ohh Maybe next time :D
I like your bento boxes.It´s looks yummi.

thebeautifulpig said...

bugger i have to try my luck again next time..haha

You are so nice mai...and your arm covers are really cute and very useful too..

By the way I made Sarubobo brooches and gave it to my friend and my sister..they love it. Thank you so much for the idea.

Have a great day! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Awww~ Congrats to the all the winners! <3

Ellataris said...

Great! Love you giveaway.

And the arm Covers looks great too.

Thanks Mai

deros said...

ll the winners congratulation!!! and i cryyyy:( i wanted be between them:)))
take care Mai, you are best:)))

jacqueline said...

Congratz to the lucky winners! Oh sweet emily (Ravenhill) is soo lucky hehe. I am really loving all your gorgeous packages and those lovely arm covers. Yipeee and hooray to your next post of showing us how to make them! Thank you so much sweet Mia! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you, Haru and tomato.

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Ohh was a great giveaway! I HATE all the winners, damn!! juajuajua NO NO! I'M JUST JOKING!! =P (but yes, I feel envy u_u)

CONGRATULATIONS you lucky winners!! XD please make beautiful things with those marvelous items!

Erin said...

Thank you so much, Mai!! I'm so excited to get my little prize :)

MDeva said...

Oh, so lucky they are.
All your works are excellent.

Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said...

congratulation to the lucky winners.

you are so generous.cute prizes:)

3Ms +1N said...

wow- lucky winners ;) what a nice give-away!

Jo said...

Too bad I didn't win~~~><
but i'm happy for those winner..

those arm covers look charming.. do you think you can show a tut on how to do it.. i think it would make a great give for my mum :)

Papgena Made It said...

Congratulations to all!
About your cover arms, they are lovely, by the way, in portuguese we have the word "polainitos" but I don't know the word in english!

Alex said...

Congratulations to all the winners!
And I'm looking forward for the arm cover tutorial!


bimbi said...

ooooh....I really hope I can win the next giveaway ;)

your Bento looks delicious, thank you for sharing Mai

small hugs for your 'tomato' :)

KnityGrity said...

The food looks delicious!

What a great give away - too bad I was not picked. May be next time :)

Lisa Risager said...

You could name the sleeves after this lady:
Kirsten Hüttemeier

A Danish legend :-) and she always wore this kind of sleeves when she was on television teaching the nation how to cook!

Singoalla said...

Congratulation to the very lucky winners!!!

Sunshine from Spain.

Leonor said...

Congratulations to the winners. I've never seen such a wonderful giveaway!!
Thank you Mairuru for the oportunity. :-)
I think "arm covers" is a good name. Why not?

Maya Kuzman said...

Thank you from the depth of my heart for the loveliest prize! Everything inside looks gorgeous!
I am truly excited!

Raquel from J.C. said...

Lucky winners!!! You are really generous.
I love the picture of your arm covers, thank you!
Raquel from Florida

Cathy F. said...

Hi Mai, thank you so much to be one of the lucky winners. You are so generous and much too kind.

To all the other winners, congratulations!


sibelien said...

hi! thanks for the tutorials, i could make some nice sarubobo myself, and some other things.
by the way can i add a tutorial on them in hungarian on my blog?

silvia said...

It's been a pleasure to take part, you are simply adorable! Congrats to all the winners, lucky girls :-) !!!

TS Burton said...

Hello Mai! I am so excited to be one of the winners picked! I never win anything, and I am so happy your giveaway is the exception!

liberal sprinkles said...

oooh I'm so so jealous! I can't wait to read your next post, I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners! The packages all look so nice. What a wonderful thing to do. The arm covers are very pretty and that lunch box looks yummy.

Evelyn said...

Congrats to all the winners. They certainly are going to receive many wonderful things! You're so generous, Mai :)

The lunch you made looks delicious and I can't wait to learn how to make the arm covers. All day yesterday I thought of making some for myself!

Anonymous said...

I remember children wearing these arm covers in France during world war two.It was to spare their cloth.Y.S

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners!

I love the arm covers Mai. I've never ever seen them before here in the USA. All I'm familiar with are aprons and pot holders, so that's an interesting concept. When you first showed them, I thought maybe there were only Japanese, but after reading the comments it sounds like they're everywhere! :)

julie said...

What lucky winners. You are very generous Mai. Your arm covers look lovely on you and what a delicious lunchbox you packed.

handmadecreativity said...

It will be for next time... your prizes are wonderful and you are very generous!

Bye bye, taced

Raquel from J.C. said...

Mai: I was talking to my daughters about your blog and my oldest daughter came up with another name for your arm covers: Forearm Shields!!!!

* Ninotschka * said...

I am really impressed by the beautiful give-aways you put together. Lucky winners!

I think arm covers are a brilliant Japanese invention. I have never seen them outside of Japan although they are great for protecting your clothes when cooking or gardening. Looking forward to the tutorial!

All the best for Tomatoe and you. I am 7 months pregnant and share your sense of excitement and happiness.

Pingkan Anita D. said...

Oh, Mai, I 'm not the winner but It's ok, maybe next time. Congratulations for all the winner.

Jennifer said...

They are called sleeve protectors in the U.S.

Ravenhill said...

Yea!!! Happy day! Thank you so much for the wonderful news! I am thrilled - you are the sweetest!

Your arm covers are so pretty. I adore those little stitches and thank you for sharing all that you do!
Hugs from emily xoxo

Shell said...

Wow Mai, what lovely packages you sent for prizes. Congrats to the lucky winners. Your sleeve protectors are a fabulous idea, and as with everything you make, look so cute! You've inspired me to spend more time hand sewing, and my little girl appreciates the new dolls clothes ;) Hello also to Haru and Tomato

SaraswatiChB said...

These parcels are soo amazing. I can imagine the sheer happiness when the lucky winners open their mail.
Your lunch box looks really jummy. I'd love to see more of your bento boxes, if you feel like it.

Sarah said...

Hello Mai! I just found your blog through be*mused. Its lovely and I will put a link on my blog. Thanks!

Coochies & All said...

Your giveaways are truly amazing and so very generous of you. I must give it a try again. :)

Love your work, love your blog, love your sharing, love japanese - I tell you, I love just about everything about you and your work!!

elaine t said...

congrats to the lucky winners :-)
thank's for the chance!!

hugs eli

julie said...

You are such a darling, Mairuru. I love you!!

antmee said...

Congratulations to all the lucky giveaway winners!

And thanks for offering a "arm covers" tutorial. It's like getting a "consolation prize" lol

Sheila said...

Thank you so much! I send you my address through your etsy shop! You are so sweet and generous! ♥

Helena said...

Congratulations to all of them!!!

Sheila said...

Mai, I just got your beautiful package in the mail! We all oohed and aaahed over all the lovely things! And the doggie pattern book is amazing!! I love those tiny tiny dogs and I hope that my daughters will sew them with me! You are a dear! I just wanted you to know it got here safely! Blessings to you and your sweet *tomato*! said...

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