Mar 15, 2010

Thank you very much for your entries!!!!

I've just closed it.
I'm really happy to get so much comments (they are too interesting!!) for me.
So when I go out today, I got these to make some extra giveaways.
For extra giveaway
I think of choosing some more winners because seven people seem too few for you all.

Now I'm preparing for the drawing. Please give me some time to tell you who are the winners.
Thank you very much again.

Pink flowers
Today I went for a 3 hours walk with my Tomato (in me).
I enjoyed spring flowers and greeted Bo-chan.

New fabrics
And I found these fabrics in a small craft shop.

New fabrics
These two has similar cute squirrels. The brown one is cotton double gauze, so I'll make clothes for my Tomato with it.

New fabrics
I also got these two. They were in a bargain so I could got each for 4 dollars/yard (* v *)! I really wanted more but they had only several pieces...

Oh, about the Sashiko what I showed in my previous post, I finished them.
Arm cover ???
I put them on the arm when I cook to keep my clothes from getting dirty.
I'm thinking how I call them in English. In Japanese, they are "Arm cover". Do you know them...???


cre8tone said...

nice cloth..

Jo said...

I like that pink fabric with the squirrel!! So cute!!

And i know those arm covers, i think cos i'm from asian background :P
Very nice!!

Alex said...

あ〜横浜はやっぱり良いなショッピングの所ですね(^0^)ノ 全部かわいいと思います!

Hmm...I have no idea what those arm covers are called in English, but I think just calling them "arm covers" would be okay?


Shell said...

wow you found some lovely fabrics, and how sweet are those notebooks!! it can be so exciting to suddenly find fabric in a store when you least expect it.

Maya Kuzman said...

Wow! The fabric is to die for! You always manage to find (and show us all-of course) the most beautiful fabric!
The arm covers are lovely!

Bendito Colibrí said...

hello!!!!!... yo siempre te visito, aunque no te dejo comentarios pues mi idioma es español y no quiero complicarte, pero soy una muy cercana seguidora tuya ya que admmiro lo delicado y bello de tu trabajo.
cariños mil....

Alyssa said...

I've been reading your blog since last week and I've already gotten a few of my friends to read it too! You are very good at writing and taking pictures and you are so good at making things!!

Pingkan Anita D. said...

Hello Mai,

Lovely fabrics that you got and nice arm covers.

raquel said...

I've never seen those arm covers, but know that you've put them here I heve to sew a pair for me. They look very useful, could you post a tutorial explaining how to make a pair? And a picture of your arms using them:)
The fabrics are very sweet and delicate.
I'm happy you can walk with your little Tomato!
Sweet walking and sweet sewing!
Raquel from Florida

SaraswatiChB said...

Don't go over the top because there are so many of us ;-) I really like your arm covers. I've seen them for the first time, though. We only use aprons, don't know why we leave out the arms?!
Enjoy the time with your little Tomato. Oh, and I sent you an email, I hope that it is ok.

raquel said...

Mai: I found a better name for your arm covers: Cooking Sleeves!!!
I hope you like it.
Raquel from Florida

silvia said...

I still remeber as one of my best memories in life the long walks I was taking when I was pregnant, I was unstoppable, delightful!
Beautiful fabrics indeed, I find so few good ones here in north Italy ... such a shame.
I can't wait to know who the winners are, you are too generous! Have a great week, xxx

Miss Pelicano said...

I like your arm covers! But I think Raquel from Florida got a great name: Cooking sleeves sounds great!

Ellataris said...

dear mairuru

I'm your silent reader for quite some times now and I just love reading your blog you got me so inspired to have my own blog on craft and sewing.

Just wondering, how do you put on those 'arm covers' it would be interesting if you could show it to us how to wear those beautiful arm covers.


Anonymous said...

You are so creative! The fabrics are adorable! You have good taste.

Joan's Good Life said...


The fabrics are adorable! And the notebooks are so cute! Something I remember from when I was young and lived in japan. I used to love buying japanese erasers. They had so many cute designs AND they smelled good! American erasers don't smell nice at all.
You are really sweet to think of all of us. Enjoy your walks with your little tomato and I hope you find many more treasures for yourself and little tomato! ;-)

MJHill said...

I've only seen the arm covers in Japanese magazines -- not in the US anywhere. I guess we are just supposed to roll up our sleeves here! ;)

Take care!

deros said...

beautifull fabric for nice things, sure. take care, Mai.:))) said...

Here the trees are flowered. So beautifull!! I walked yesterday whit my dog, he was so pleased!
have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mai!

As always, you have a lovely taste to choose fabrics for your work.

I love your notebooks!



Evelyn said...

What a fun day out! I love those days where you can enjoy spring, find cute fabric on sale and finish a sewing project. Yay! :)

I've never seen those arm covers in the U.S., but I think it's a very smart thing. I may have to make some for myself!

Tara said...

Those arm covers are perfect for someone like me who loves to cook but is always afraid of the teensiest oil splatter.

I would call them: Apron Wrist Cuffs; that way, people know they are to be worn in the kitchen and they are somewhat protective for messes, they know where they are worn - and cuff just sounds nicer than cover.

Let us know when they're up in the Etsy shop - or if you decide to post a pattern PDF in the shop or whatnot - I'd love to feature it in my blog - I can see it catching on bigtime!

Art is Vital. Love is Vital. Shopping is Vital.

PS - How is that wee tomato doing?

Brian said...

I would call them arm covers, but as other commenters noted, I've only seen them in Japanese magazines, both for cooking and also in my kindergarten accessory book. They seem very practical, I would think they would be useful.

Donna said...

Oh, that last comment from Brian was really from me 8-) I didn't realize my husband was signed in.

Anonymous said...

Those little notebooks are so cute and the fabric you found is so pretty. Arm covers are a very good idea. I have never seen them before but they turned out very pretty. I'm glad you and Tomato had a nice walk. Hope you are having a lovely day today. :)

Gracie "Neky White" said...

Beautiful fabrics! and your "arm covers" are very cute!!
how do you do the sachiko embroidery? by free hand? or you use something to get the lines straight? I'm very curious about it
hugs n_n

Ellen said...

Lovely fabrics! The squirrels will be so cute for baby clothes. :)

Keren Gillan said...

Dear Mai !
the fabrics are very beautiful , they will look lovely for your comming baby .my Rio enjoy the colors .
good day

Becky said...

I wish I could go shopping with you. You found the most adorable fabrics!

Arm covers seems like an appropriate name. You could use those when you clean house to.

Ali said...

I love those arm covers, I have never seen anything like those before! I could do with some of those for when my three-year-od eats tomato soup! :)
Lovely fabrics you managed to find, I am jealous!

mei said...

Dear Mai,

the squirrel-fabrics are so beautiful! And the ones with the flowers too. Your tomato will look gorgeous with its handmade clothes!


someone. said...

One of your commentor commented that the cover is familiar because she's from an Asian background, so am I but I have never seen those arm-sleeve covers before!!
It's pretty interesting the concept of it too, hehehe.

So handy aswell!

jacqueline said...

Dear Mai, so sweet of you to add more goodies to your giveaway so more of us get a chance to win something! :) The four fabrics you picked are really gorgeous. I especially love that japanese traditional flower with the squirrel and that gorgeous shabby chic rose with strawberries yellow fabric. Love love love! I love your Sashiko arm covers lots. Looks good for use in crafting and painting. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Victoria said...

I´m really envi of your stich :D
First time i see a hand cover 0.o
Be healthy¡¡¡¡

Unknown said...

Your 'arm covers' look great...seems such a pity too put your sashiko on something that will get dirty!

thebeautifulpig said...

hi mai! you bought really nice fabrics they were beautiful. have a nice season!(^_^)

Ayu@Sweetlilcraft said...

hi mai! what are cute notebooks and fabrics:)

hope you and tomato in a good health :)

Red de rOuge said...

I dont know them, but this is a genius idea!!!
I love your blog, mairuru :-)

mairuru said...

Thank you very much for your comments and great ideas!
I like "Cooking sleeves" and "Apron Wrist Cuffs". Thank you so much. I'll think a little about the naming.

Now I'm making the tutorial of them and I ask to Haru to take some pictures when I put them (* v *)!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think we would probably call 'arm covers' 'sleeve protectors'. Robina

Anonymous said...

Much health to you and your tomato! :))
Love your blog and hand-sewn items, they are constantly inspiring me for work!
Very nice fabrics! Wish we had anything similar available here. Good luck to everyone!

Erika G.S. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erika G.S. said...

Hola Mai!!

My name is Erika, and I like your blog, your hand work is an inspiration.
This is the first time I leave a comment but I check your blog almost every day, I get excited to see what you have post that day.
I hope your pregnancy is going well!!
Say hello to Bo-chan for me...

Fräulein Fliegenpilz said...

Hi Mai,
I discovered your Blog around 2 days ago and are already in love with it.
It's gorgeous how you sew everything by hand.

julie said...

Mai, I love the arm covers. You'll look so cute in them. Also, nice fabric purchases. Tomato will be one cute baby in an outfit made in the double gauze.

Anonymous said...

Si! Li conosco ! Wakarimasu! Itariago no kotoba wa "Manicotti" desu. Kawaii desu ne! Dear Mairuru yours sewing-craft are very amazing!Ciao dall'Italia.

handmadecreativity said...

Your work are beautiful!
In italian "arm covers" are called "salvamaniche"...bye bye, Taced

Suze said...

I have never heard of arm covers before. They are very nice. I'd like to learn sashiko someday.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you are live in Kyoto. I am going to visite Kyoto and could you please recomment some nice cloth shops? Thanks a lot.

Crafty Chops said...


I just wanted to say that I came across your blog courtesy of SewMamaSew, and love it so much.

I really enjoy seeing what you have made, and what life is like in Japan (where I would love to visit one day).

Congratulations on Tomatoe.

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