Jun 14, 2010

New shirts for my baby

It began rainy season here. For about one month, it will rain a lot.

Shirts for my baby
I made three shirts for my Tomato.
These two shirts are from my and my husband's old shirts. When we were preparing our moving, we found lots of old clothes but couldn't throw them away. So I reserved them for remake.
They are soft because we used them for years, and so, good for baby (* v *).

Shirts for my baby
And this white shirt is from cotton waffle knit what I got at SWANY. I got a big piece of it, so now I think of what I make with it next.

For me, I made this potholder.
Pot holder
I put my old towel in it. I put batting in my old pot holders but as time goes, they got thinner. So this time I put double layer of thick bath towel.
Pot holder

These days I got lots of e-mails every day from all over the world. I'm replying them one by one, but I need long time to write emails in English... So please forgive my late reply. I'm really happy to talk with you through this blog and e-mails.

See you (* v *)!!!!
Pot holder


tamara said...

Oh, these seem to be cozy in late summer days! I like the idea of using old fabrics. Unfortunately it was almost forgotten during the last decades.

And, although it must be quite inconvenient in daily life, I really wish to experience tsuyu one day: Smell the rain, see hydrangeas growing and ume ripen...

Take care, Mai & thank you for sharing.

Françoise said...

The little shirts are so cute!

Julia said...

The baby shirts are so cute! Are you going to make a tutorial for these? I'd love to make some of my own but don't know how!

Alhana said...

What a great idea, recycling your and your husband clothes for your baby! They are beautiful.

I also love your potholders. I never thought of putting an old towel inside them. I am learning a lot from you!

Evelyn said...

Darling little clothes for your baby! Do you make them from patterns or do you make the patterns yourself, too? I love that you've repurposed old shirts into little tiny shirts. I wish more people thought that way!

kariwhite said...

I love seeing pictures of your work!

Do you draft your own patterns for the baby clothing or use prepared patterns?

Great idea about using the towels instead of batting!

Núr said...

It's a great idea to recycle your old clothes for your coming baby! You can make the clothes just like you want and full of love, including a part of you and your husband in the old clothes! Such a nice idea, instead of spending so much money buying clothes from shops!

I'll ask also for a tutorial!!! It would be so nice to make my own clothes for my baby (well, not pregnant now, but some time in the future! ;P).

Take care!

Amy said...

So cute! Now Tomato will get to wear something of Daddy's. :) I think it is just amazing that you hand sew everything. I am working on hand sewing a fabric basket. It's the biggest project I have ever tried to hand sew. You are my inspiration. Thanks for sharing! :)

Chicken Willow said...

You've been busy. Love the pot holder, the towel idea is great.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed you sewed these
shirts by hand. We call these

julie said...

Your Tomato is one lucky baby girl to have such a clever Mummy. I hope you pass your love of craft on to her. She will be the best dressed baby in town. The new outfits are just beautiful. Repurposing your husbands old shirts was clever. Good idea to use an old towel in your potholder.
Keep well.

Isadora said...

Lovely ideas as usual! Everytghin si so cute!
I liked the idea of putting a towel in the potholder, great!

Anonymous said...

Good to see your new items for baby and yourself. Very creative, as always.
Take care dear Mai
Mena :)

Joli et Simple said...

Mai, you are so good in recyling things, and you sew great with your hands. Those baby shirts are way too cute.

Take care and thank you for sharing your beautiful work.


Anonymous said...

Oh... those baby shirts are so cute!

I really like the pot holders too!

Nice fabrics

Cheers from Toronto


handmadecreativity said...

Great work... kiss Tomato :-)

KnityGrity said...

The shirts are so cute! I love the waffle one. It is very nice!

All the best for the baby.

Raquel from J.C. said...

It's a great idea to recycle those t-shirts for your baby!! The little shirts must be sooooft!

pratima said...

So soft and beautiful! I adore the simplicity of your works and you put so much love into them :)

caitlin said...

Hi Mai, I just found your blog. I love to sew also. Watashino namaewa Satsuki desu. Well, that is my Japanese name. I graduated from Japanese school but that was a very long time ago so I dont remember what I learned! :)

I look forward to seeing more of your blog! Is your baby due soon? I have a 2 year old daughter. Babies are so fun :)


The Yum Chef said...

赤ちゃんの服はもったいないですね^_^ パターンがありますか。来月アメリカに帰りますから、たくさん服を捨てなければならないけど、友達の赤ちゃんに服をあげるほうがいいでしょう!


Lisa said...

I just found your charming blog - blessings on you and your family!

Unknown said...

Your posts and pictures are all art - I can feel the life in your blog.


Danny Riddell said...

You are very creative! I like your designs. They are simple yet fashionable. Where did you get the inspiration for the clothes designs? Anyway, there are lots of fashionable designs for kids out there, and you can find ideas from them. :D