Nov 28, 2011

How to make a snood for babies/kids

Hello. We're doing great!
We went to a picnic with our friends last Sunday.

It's getting cold now so I made a snood for Miyu.
Miyu's snood.

And for me.
Miyu and me with my handmade snoods.

This one is very easy to sew. I show how I made it(* v *)!!!!

The snood measures 45cm (18 inches) long, 10cm (4 inches) width.
So you need 47cm(19 inces) x 22cm(9 inches) piece of fabric. I used Japanese wool 100% fabric. You may also make it with fleece or flannel etc.

Then choose the decorations. This time I put a piece of lace and two cute buttons.
How to make a snood for baby/kids 1

Let's begin with sewing the lace on the fabric.
How to make a snood for baby/kids 2

I sewed both sides.
How to make a snood for baby/kids 3

Fold it in two putting the right side inside, and sew it around leaving an opening to turn it out.
How to make a snood for baby/kids 4

Turn it out from the opening.
How to make a snood for baby/kids 5

And close it.
DSC_0How to make a snood for baby/kids 6

Put a pair of snaps on it.
How to make a snood for baby/kids 7

And at last put the buttons. That's all!
Snood for baby/kids

I made one more with a battenburg lace and a wood button.
Snood for baby/kids

Enjoy easy sewing for your babies.
How to make a snood for baby/kids 8

Thank you very much for reading my poor explanation.
If you have any problems for making it, please leave a comment here.

See you.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. I think I will make one for my best friend and me for Xmas.

Mαρίτα Καράπη said...

Hello Mairuru!I like your blog and all the beautiful things you're making !

Amélia Santos said...

I just love the way you make everything look so easy!
Thank you for sharing.


wesaynomore said...

oh so cute! You really inspire me with your creations and you gave me the envy to sew again ^^ Do you always sew by hand, not using machine?

Nanners said...

My mom and I absolutely love reading your posts. Not only do you post such beautiful crafts, but we love seeing pictures of your family. We've been following your blog for quite a while now, a few months before your daughter was born in fact.

Anonymous said...

While those buttoned scarves are very cute, snood usually means a net bag designed to hold long hair neatly.

Eileen said...

I love that you have found time to be creative with having such a beautiful little girl to take care of. I love the snood! Ignore that previous post - you can call it whatever you want! Love those eraser stamps too! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

mairuru said...

Thank you very much for your comments. We Japanese call it "snood". I'm sorry for my poor English and thank you teaching me!!!

Diana Trout {} said...

Mairuru, thank you! I've been following your blog for a while now. I enjoy seeing your pictures and the posts. I think you explain things very well in english and what a great way to keep your language skills up! Your stitching is beautiful and I so enjoy the small things I've bought from you shop.
So thank you for being so generous.

sylvaine said...

really beautiful "snood" for girl and mum ! Your daughter is now an real little girl ! Do you have Xmas time in Japan ?

Helena said...

Happpy christmas, my dear. have a great time with your lovely baby and the rest of the family. Kisses from Portugal.

Sparkle and Co said...

Your daughter is growing so fast!!! your explanations are very clear. thank you

Imaan said...
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Liana said...

Dear Mairuru,
Every visit of your blog leaves me with a nice warm feeling.
Your projects are great and inspiring and your daughter is adorable. Wish your all the best in new year.

Pamela said...

Hi, I just found your delightful blog via Pinterest! Your daughter is adorable (I have a one-year-old daughter myself), and I really like your blog! Hugs from Finland!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet mai, i love that gorgeous photo of you and your pretty baby! The snood look so adorable and i would love to make one too for my little doll. :) Have a beautiful week and love to you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mairuru ! I hope you and your daughter are fine. I like reading you for a while now, it is like travelling in Japan for me. And I have a little one-year-old girl too. I'll present her one day her little friend from Japan, Miyu. Love from Karine in France

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María Cancino said...

Your work is great! I'm from Peru and I really like your page. Greetings!!!!!

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Tracy said...

I love your mairuru blog! So wonderful to see a mom who loves the quiet handmade life and loves her family!

Please don't worry if your precious little girl doesn't walk when other do. My oldest didn't walk until she was 18 months, and she is a musical genious, among other things. God has a plan!

Duvets said...

Very nice. I think i will make one for my child...



Meagan said...

I just found your blog when I was looking for inspiration for things to sew with some vintage 60 gingham I just got.... I'm so happy I found you! You have really great stuff. Your daughter is beautiful too! My daughter is 16 months, and I understand how hard it is to find time for sewing. But, I too prefer to hand sew. Glad to meet you, I will be watching for new posts! :)

Anonymous said...

maruru u r the best (*v*) LOL
:P :D :P :P :P i like to sew very much now i have started to sew purses
pillows and bags thank you so much for inspiring me

Anonymous said...

P.S sorry

Unknown said...

hi Mairuru..greetings from Santiago de Chile !!..i like this "snood" is soo cute!! and you little daugther.God bless you and your family!!. Marta Garcia.<3<3<3

Unknown said...
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