Nov 14, 2011

My recent works

Finger dolls for Miyu. They were very easy to make.
Her dolls

I made them like Nina(The doll in the next picture). I made it with Japanese handmade pattern book.
The book has lots of patterns of clothes for Nina.
Miyu's new shirt and Nina

I also made a cap with rabbit ears for Miyu.
Miyu with her new cap

But she doesn't want to put it on, because she doesn't like any caps/hats.

She likes hair accessories. So I've made lots of ones for her.
This is my favorite one.

And I stamped my hand carved stamps on her shirt.
A shirt with my hand carved stamps
It's like a pochette, isn't it?

Here is the first item for my shop, a drawstring bag with my hand carved stamps, like her shirt(* v *).
A drawstring bag with my hand carved stamps

I stamped as a ribbon.
A drawstring bag with my hand carved stamps
I also appliqued the same ribbon on the other side.

I'm making three of them and will list them soon.
I have many idea to make new items, but I have only one-two hours a day for my shop...

Miyu in park

See you soon!


Heather Woollove said...

You and your daughter look so happy and healthy!
You are right to enjoy these precious days...they
go so fast!

Molly said...

I love the stamps that you made. And the little hat you made is so sweet!

Unknown said...

I'm so happy you are finding time to write and create again. I love reading your blog. Could you show us a picture of the stamp you made?

yummy peony said...

Your new bag is so lovely. I really like the bow design, and wish you all the best. Miyu looks really healthy and more beautiful every day!

Kaatje1010 said...

Beautiful!!!! I'm totally fond of the hairaccessory on the picture with you and your daughter!

Lisa said...

She has grown so much!! I love your needlework.

julie said...

Miya is beautiful. You are so lucky to have your wonderful daughter and husband. I am happy you are getting time for yourself to continue your creativity.
I love the rabbit ears cap and the hair accessories.

Alhana said...

Lovely stamp design! Miyu is growing very pretty, it's a pity she doesn't like hats because she looks very cute with the rabbit ears cap. ^^

helena frontini said...

Oh, I love the pictures of the two of you! Lovely also your work. Kisses from Portugal.

sophie said...

I love that last photo - too sweet! Your stamping is just beautiful.

Nilg√ľn Komar said...

as usual, very stylish production
Miyu also very cute since birth ..

I kissed affection

Malissa said...

Hello! I follow your blog and it is beautiful. However I have a question: How do you find time to make things? For instance your homemade stamps? All of the sewing that you do/have done? I have a son who is almost 7 months and I am lucky to get some laundry done and eat! Or am I doing something wrong :-O

Malissa said...
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Charlotte said...

Great to see you getting to do some crafty things again! I love your hand carved stamps, they make beautiful projects!

Peghead said...

Your stamps are amazing!!! Also the sweet puffball with pearl hair pin is very pretty.

K said...

I would love to know how to make the bunny hat! My friend is having a baby this spring and I think she would like that for her baby :)