Mar 5, 2012

Miyu likes drawing and tricycle

Miyu with her tricycle
Miyu is 1 and a half year old now. She still cannot walk but speaks a lot.
Her most favorite playing is drawing.
Miyu likes drawing

Miyu with her tricycle
And tricycle. She cannot pedal it but go forward a little by kicking.

Miyu's elephant plushie
I made some new items for her.
One is this elephant. I got the gray fabric from SWANY. I love the wool very much.

My button accessories
So I made accessories for me with it. They are hair elastics and brooches. I put my favorite buttons on them.

MIyu's shirt
I appliqued and put ruffles on her simple T-shirt. It's Minnie!
The applique is with fleece fabric so it doesn't fray.

When I was taking the picture, Miyu came to me...

Miyu's patchwork skirt
This is an irregular skirt with patchworked fabrics. I made a wool skirt for me with the same pattern. Miyu likes the lace very much and touches it whenever she puts it.

Miyu's ruffle skirt
The last one is this skirt for spring. The pattern is Japanese free pattern. The ruffle is gorgious but hard to sew only by my hands...

I began having sewing lessons for mothers and elderly people. One of the items is these ankle warmers. It's very easy to sew but they make us very hot and comfortable.
ankle warmers

I enjoy having lessons. Everyday I think what we make in next lessons. We already made ankle warmers, Sarubobo plushes and zipper pouches. What do we sew next???


Michele said...

She's a cutie! Love all your projects.

Unknown said...

Your little girl is certainly growing very quickly! Love the lace added skirt.

Lisa said...

You sew some lovely things for your daughter.

Unknown said...

She has gotten so big! She's adorable. I love that you are doing classes for mothers. What a great way to share your passion.

Nilg√ľn Komar said...

grew up driving in a bicycle
I kiss both of you too

Sundays Child said...

I want you to know, it always makes me smile and feel good when I log on and see that I have a post from mairuru! Your little princess is growing up fast .. and she is beautiful, you must be so proud of her. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Julie Andrea

yummy peony said...

Miyu is absolutely gorgeous! I love when she looks through the camera, so cute!
I know what you mean about sewing lessons. I took my first lessons last summer, and I really enjoyed being with other people.
It's a pleasure to read you.

Anonymous said...

She's SO beautiful. So much, God bless.

Rose said...

aww she is so cute :3 I really like the dress and the skirts you made!

helena frontini said...

She is so beautiful. Congratulations.

Evellyn said...


Miyu is so cute, I love the photo which she look through the camera.

Ria said...

The toy elephant is so cute! I love seeing handmade stuffed animals.

And Miyu is growing up so beautifully, too. I can't believe she's as big as she is!

mamasan said...

aah she is adorable with very pretty eyes! and so big now! love your work :)

marj said...

you are so crafty!!! and your baby is such a darlin :)

Anonymous said...

Similar to the ankle warmers, you could sew fleece fingerless gloves (wrist warmers), or teach your students to applique small designs on their shirts. There's also headbands/ear warmers, bags (lingerie bags for travelling are very useful for sorting clean/dirty underclothes), etc.

But you're so imaginative I'm sure you have a million ideas, and I can't wait to hear about them.

handmadecreativity said...

Hi.... what wonderful little girl for your crafty cloths!!!
Taced from Italy

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Mai. I just had to check out how you and Miyu are. So good to know you're teaching sewing.
My best to you

julie said...

Miyu is looking more beautiful evey time we see her. Your sewing is just too cute. I love the leg warmers. You are so kind to share your love of sewing with other mothers and older people.

Jessica said...

It's been forever since I've visited your blog. Our babies are just a few weeks apart and mine just now is sort of walking. :) He's very social so I think that's where all his energy has been directed. She is darling!

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