Apr 7, 2008

Monkiri, japanese paper cutting technique

Yesterday, I found some craft books about Monkiri.
It was japanese paper cutting technique.
I tried one of them. I found the patterns and how-to guide here(Sorry, Japanese only).

I folded a paper in two, and then in five.

According to the pattern, I cut the paper with scissors.

I made a flower. It's simple and beautiful. It was very easy. But many other patterns are difficult to cut, only with scissors.

Then, I tried to apply it to sewing.
I cut a cotton cloth with this method and made a pouch.
It's a little bit difficult to fold and cut the fabric like paper. So I put a thin interlining to sharpen it.


meyer said...

hello mai. the white application looks like a snowflake, very pretty on the dark ground. I like the way you use other techniques for your designs- very creative!

mairuru said...

Hi annie,
Thank you for your comment. I want to try more patterns. Thank you!

KC and the Giggleman Kitties said...

Hi Mai,
I found your blog on Etsy. Your items are very, very nice. And your blog is interesting.
You are so creative.
ML (Mary Lynn)

My cats have a blog here -- you can't get allergies online.

mairuru said...

Hello Mary,
I saw some pictures of your cats. I want to touch their foot!
Thank you for your comment. I want to sew more and more...

Starky86 said...

I found your place through a friends, and wow I really like the pouch. I feel like it has the right amount of pop. Good Job!

mairuru said...

Hello jay,
Thank you for your comment.
I'm planning to go to Fond du Lac!

Starky86 said...

Really? Fond du Lac is a good place. We may not be the most exciting but it's a nice place to be. What brings you to this area?

mairuru said...

I want to see my friends Laura and Eydie!

Kristen said...

I just found your blog, and I saw your photos of paper cutting. I am living in Japan, and I just bought a similar book! I tried it out, but not with fabric yet. I also love the pencil case you made for your boyfriend. The stitching on the inside is really subtle and cute. I will visit your blog again to check out what you are making!


mairuru said...

Konbanwa Kristen,
Thank you for your comment. I like the city of Kouchi very much. I ate a lot of wonderful foods there. I like tomatos of much sunshine of Kouchi!
And I like your photo very much. I'm really happy to know you.
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Amazing! I am learning so much by reading your blog! Everything is so pretty and clever.

mairuru said...

Hi Ravenhill,
Thank you for your comments!
I'd like to go Norway someday!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm late in commenting, but this is very creative.
You're brave to try so many things
I'm inspired by you, Mai
Mena (reading all your postings in your blog)

Mary said...

Hello! I just stumbled onto your blog...what a beautiful post! The cutout looks like a flower or a snowflake, so intricate and delicate. I think I might give this a go.

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that's so amazing ahahah...

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