Apr 2, 2008

Patchworked bias tape

I like to make a bias tape, with variety of printed fabrics.
Even it comes to very small pieces, I keep all my fabrics in a box. So sometimes I make a bias tape with them.

I made it with some of vintage kimono fabrics, too. Because most of them are polyester, it was hard to made up a tape.

I used these tapes for my furoshiki.

And today I made a drawstring bag with them.


cutfingerproductions said...

Hello Mai! I can never get my bias tape to look so nice! When you come maybe you can show me! Jon and I love your patchwork colors! I love your new furoshiki in your shop with all the pinks!!! I think I want that one!!!

mairuru said...

Hello Laura,
Thank you for you comment and your order.
I put an article with your furoshiki that inspired me the idea of this bias tape.
And with second package, I put an article of korean patchwork "Pojagi".
It's beautiful!

cutfingerproductions said...

Jon and I were wondering about Pojagi and planned to ask you so this will be nice! Thank you! We are looking forward to our furoshiki's!I would love to read about your inspiration for the bias too.Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love this very much, Mai
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the last comment was from me