Dec 22, 2008

It's difficult to take pictures!

I took some pictures of my new works.
The idea of these trees came up in my head while I was sleeping yesterday. I desighned it soon after I woke up.

The most difficult thing was to take a good picture.
Because my room has little light. I bought a small light for taking picture but the light bulb color was yellow... I should get another one of white color.

So, I should take pictures without the small light. And with little room light, I should have opened the diaphragm. I wanted to take pictures with less opend diaphragm to make pictures sharp.

By the way,,,
Why my room is so dark? It's because many tall buildings are surrounding this building. I'm living in a second largest population city in Japan, and I can walk to a largest station by walk. And I cannot spend much money for living...
So this room is very tiny and dark...

I want to live near the sea!!!!!


JS KiM said...

Cute creation! ^^

It's good you don't have to go far to the train station. No? I agree, living in the city is expensive. Seattle has become that way. It's tough finding affordable homes in desirable locations.

I love the ocean too. ^^

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello !
I am reading your blog because my girlfriend is a huge fan of your work.
I hope you won't damage your vision in this dark room !
And I hope you can live next to the sea some time in a near future thanks to your etsy fortune (^-^).

mairuru said...

Hello Douves, Thank you!
My eyes are quite good now!

Anonymous said...

state nevada
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