Dec 3, 2008

Origami Ororon bird

Today I found this instruction and made 4 Ororon birds.

They were a little difficult but very cute! I made them from a piece of Origami paper because I wanted to make them very small.

The instruction is from Japanese Origami artist, Takai Hiroaki.
His Origami are always very cute and very original (but sometimes difficult..).
I like his works very much because they look as if they are alive.
This bird is also what I made with his instruction. It was much easier than Ororon!

If you try to make this Ororon, and have any questions, please ask me!


Unknown said...

those birds are so cute, and the photos are good too!! ... feel like origami-ing now

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know I've said that I'm going to try origami. Well, after viewing this, I MUST do it soon.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful origami paper!
They look like penguins, hehe!

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