Apr 12, 2009

Flower festival in Yokohama

This weekend, I went to a flower festival in Yokohama, about 30 minutes walk from my apartment.
Sakura Cherry blossoms
It was a very sunny day and there were some Sakura blossoms still. Maybe it's the last weekend when we can see Sakura blossoms in Yokohama.

Flower festival in Yokohama
There were another beautiful pink flowers on the way. I don't know how to call them in English...

Flower festival in Yokohama
The festival was held in the park of Yokohama Red-brick Warehouse, by the sea.
In the warehouse, there are lots of shops and restaurants. It's beautiful space for shopping and eating, but a little expensive.
Flower festival in Yokohama

Flower festival in Yokohama
So I enjoyed only flowers.
Also, many people enjoyed them. Sitting by the flowers and drinking bottled juices instead of expensive restaurants.

My favorite flower is this!
Flower festival in Yokohama

After the festival, we went a donut shop near the warehouse, and took a rest with delicious Hawaiian donuts.
Hawaiian Donuts shop Leonard's in Yokohama

It was very beautiful weekend for me.
But after 4 hours walk, we got too tired and slept a lot.
Flower festival in Yokohama


Margith said...

Hello Mai!
Just beatyful.

calicodaisy said...

The second picture of a tree is one of my very favorites -- pink dogwood. Dogwood trees are very popular in the South of the U.S.

Jacqueline said...

Oh Mai! Thanks for capturing these beautiful pictures and taking us for a walk with you! I love those Sakura blossoms i guesss that might be the last few pictures of them. The park by the sea looks beautiful, fun and a relaxing place to be at! Im really loving your favorite flower...whatz the name for it? They look really sweet!
Yokohama is such a beautiful place..i'll be sure to let you know if i plan a vacation there! Have a lovely merry happy monday and love to you!!

Maevy said...

Great pictures! Your favorite flower is simply exquisite, and I don't remember seing this before. For sure, we do not have that flower here in Quebec!

mairuru said...

Hello! Thank you so much!
Actually, my boyfriend took these pictures.. he he.
Oh, pink dogwood! Maybe it's that!
Thank you! I'm happy that I could show you a piece of Yokohama!

JuanitaTortilla said...

Hi there!
Your pictures are wonderful. What LOVELY flowers!
Makes me want to go to Yokohama.
Thank you for your lovely blog and lovely sewing creativity!!!

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