Apr 13, 2009

Today's my shopping in a craft shop

My shopping in craft shop
My second shopping list. The first one in a super market is this.

I got Dualduty quilting thread in approx. 3.5 dollars, and 6 snaps in 1.5 dollars.

My shopping in craft shop
I found a pretty green fabrics with lots of frogs.
It costs 6 dollars per meter.

My shopping in craft shop
And thin batting(poly) and adhesive interlining. Each costs 4.5 dollars per meter.

That's all. I wanted to get more fabrics, but my boyfriend was waiting for me in a bookstore next to the craft shop.
I want to go shopping by myself sometimes, but we both have no joys currently, so he always accompanies with me. It's OK but sometimes, I need much time...

Oh, and the day before yesterday, I got one fabric in flea market.
It costs only 3 dollars for 5 meters! The flower print is beautiful but it's old and a little yellowed.
I used the fabric on my new pouch. I love this!
Love letter pouch


Jacqueline said...

Mai, that green frogie fabric is so cute! hehe I know exactly what you mean when you wanted to shop for more fabrics but someone is waiting for you. Same thing happened to me on sunday when i was at the craft shop...i wanted to get more craft supplies but my brother was waiting for me in the car. So i had to cut the shopping short and just take those that i need. Sometimes i would love to go shopping alone too. :)
I'm trying to look for thin batting(poly) and adhesive interlining too at the local craft shop and is just amazing that the shop dont sell any! So sad! :(
I saw your new pouch in your shop and thatz a really cute pouch! I love that lovely flower fabrics too!
Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!!

Aveen said...

The froggy fabric is lovely! And your little pouch is adorable.

→lisa said...

I love your frog fabric!

I have the same problem when I shop with my boyfriend. I don't feel comfortable spending a lot of time browsing while he waits.

Maevy said...

Such cutie frogs, can't wait to see what you'll be making with them!
I totally understand the lack of time for shopping and browsing when your boyfriend is waiting, it happens to me all the time ;0)

mairuru said...

Oh, many people feels same! I feel happy a little (* v *).

My boyfriend says me that he doesn't mind never. But it's difficult to ignore someone who is waiting for me.

Jacqueline, I cannot find any cotton batting in craft shop. They sell only poly ones. It's fun to know the differences by countries.

Thank you for all your comments! I'm thinking what I make with this cute frogs.

Anonymous said...

hi, mai
I'm Cristina from Greece and been reading your blog for a while. I love everything you make.
You know I feel the same way too, when someone is waiting for me, that's why I never take my boyfriend with me.
Your fabrics are so cute.

Anonymous said...

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