Jul 23, 2009

Sloth, sloth, sloth!!!!

Sloth cuff
In these two days, I made six sloth cuffs!
Two of them are for custom orders, and the other for are for my shop.

At first, I make their faces and put them on their body.
Then, I sew them at a time,
Making sloth cuff
and cut the allowances,
Making sloth cuff

then turn them out. This is the most time-consuming process. It's hard to turn out the thin arms!!!!
Making sloth cuff
I picked the arm little by little with a thick needle.
If you know the better way,,, please teach me!!!!

At last, close the space to turn out, and put a button on each.
Sloth cuff

It's hard to find good buttons, so I always look for new buttons.

Oh, I went to Bo-chan yesterday. It rained yesterday so he couldn't go out, but he was sitting on the entrance and we could see him.
These days, it's not so hot in Japan, and he seems very well (* v *)!!!!


Neko said...

lovely! I love the blue and white fabric with the little shell pattern especially!

Unknown said...

hi Mairuru, your creatures are so cute!!! and so, i have a surprise for you in my blog: a blog prize for you ^_^ look it in: http://verity-unmondoaparte.blogspot.com

WoollyGrumper said...

Mai, I really love your sloths!

Marisunnychan said...

lovely, lovely, lovely as usual!

tamdoll said...

When I need to turn a thin, small arm, I put a straw inside it. If the skinny ones for coffee are too fat, I cut it and squeeze it smaller. Once it's inside, I poke the fabric down into the straw from the outside with a stick and slowly slide everything up and over the straw. Also. here's a picture of what I mean: http://www.dollstreetdreamers.com/back_alley_articles/finger_turning_tute.htm

Tiffany said...

I've been following you for about a month now and I looove your projects... but you have totally hit the spot with these sloths. I LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

hello! i am so intrigue that you sew everything by hand! i always end up using the machine bcos it takes me a long time to sew by hand. :p

i usually use a string to turn out small items like the hands of sloth. u know just sew a temporary string to the hands b4 u sew the pieces together. :-) i enjoy ur blog very much.. keep up the wonderful sewing!

Anonymous said...

You inspire me, Mai. I'm the annonymous reader who wrote to you via e-mail. You make beautiful pieces. When I find some free time, I will make one and send you photo.

mairuru said...

Thank you very much for everyone!!!!

mairuru said...

Hello tamdoll,
Thank you very much for telling me the technique! Now I don't have straw, but I get it and try it!
Thank you so much!

mairuru said...

Hi grace, thank you very much!
Put the string on the top and pull the string to turn it out?? It seems also good way!
Thank you so much. I'll try both way!

Unknown said...

i <3 the sloths!
they made me smile :)

quiltygal said...

Hi Mai...just got your magazine so will post it tomorrow (monday) for you....hope you are well..hugs Claire

Anonymous said...

Hello Mairuru, I just happened
to find your blog today. You
are very creative. Thanks for
sharing all the instructions.

mairuru said...

Hi Quiltygal,
Thank you so much! I read your blog and know you were really busy these days. Please don't be in hurry for me.
Thank you (* v *)!!!!!