Jul 13, 2009

Tiny sarubobo in my hands

Tiny sarubobo

Today I made really tiny sarubobo plushes with drawstring bags.
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag

They are very small so it was very hard to make them. But today's my passion was for the tiny things (* v *)!!!!!
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag

The most difficult work was to make sarubobo's hands.
It's so tiny, so sometimes the fabrics frayed... So I should sew very carefully.
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag

This shape of drawstring bag is very easy to make.
They are only square piece. I sew only the lines of to put the strings.
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag

But, I failed to make the bag several times. At first, I wanted to make it with two fabrics but it came too thick for the tininess.
I tried to make some ways, but I couldn't succeed... So at last, I made it with only one piece of fabric. It's the best for this size.
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag
I used very thin fabrics, so the other side seems not so bad.
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag

I put key chains on them to bring them with you always.
Tiny sarubobo and drawstring bag


Maevy said...

It amazes me to see all you can do on such a small scale! Your tiny sarubobos are just perfect, I love them as much as the regular ones!

Anonymous said...

so cute! I love the flower shape of the bag.

Eva said...

I love your blog as it brings me close to Japan. Yokohama is just great and I would love to be there again - especially in spring or autum.
Thanks for sharing your experience in english - I cannot read or understand japanese

Neko said...

WOW you work so Super hard! I hope that you're extremely proud of yourself, I would be! They are really, really lovely!
Love Neko!

MamaKnits2Much said...

Oh Wow! Those are simply adorable Mai. So tiny and perfect. I love them! Great job. :-)

Aishah said...

I found your blog when a friend of mine posted a link to your tutorial of how to make sarubobo. Several days ago I made two of the regular sized ones, and then today I made a small one to hang on my mobile. It was very difficult to make, but very cute! After making it I came to read more of your blog and found this post of tiny sarubobo!

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